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This is one tip you should remember while you’re not using your phone you can reduce down the brightness level. You can even enable the Auto Brightness which will adjust the brightness according to the light. There’s a Night Mode option too which you can enable at night when you’re scrolling through apps or reading a book. This feature makes sure the brightness is adjusted according to the environment you’re in.

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There is no doubt about that young generation has got plenty of issues through the #mobile #phone #technology, but when it comes to the #security of the young #teens from all online dangers, kids and teens can also be #monitored through their very own cell phone device of the #android #operating #system.

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When configured correctly, parental controls can prove to be quite effective. Not only do these allow children to use the internet freely it also keeps them safe and protected from the inappropriate material found online. With a number of dangers online, it can be difficult and overwhelming to let your child use the internet unsupervised. Due to this purpose, a number of parents are now looking for parental control software to give them peace of mind. While Apple provides built parental controls for the Mac OS X, there is another software by the name of Intego Family Protector which can make it difficult to choose between the two. Here is a breakdown of both software’s to give you a better idea.

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Android cell phones are the most popular gadgets these days and people are using these devices no time ever before. The fame of these contemporary android phone gadgets has been equally penetrated among young kids and teens and even preteens and they use these smartphones all day long and perform plenty of activities which parents think these activities are inappropriate for them. Android smartphones are also equally popular among spouses and in their partners. The cases of cyber infidelity are on the rise and the spouses have become insecure when partners spend too much time on their mobile phone devices.

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The parental controls enable parents to monitor and control the digital behavior of their children and get them understand the importance of screen limits. There are various mobile parental control and monitoring apps readily available out of which we have reviewed the top-notch mobile spy software TheOneSpy. The application is intended for parents to supervise the mobile phone activities of children and remotely control certain functionalities of their devices. It enables parents to keep tabs on the digital world of their children and safeguard them from the predators, bullies, scammers, online crimes and sexually explicit stuff.

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"New machine: SawSynth (Polyphonic supersaw-type synth)
New "melody helper" to lock keyboards to scales
Support for more time signatures (3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4) from the song page and in pattern editors.
Tool to create new PCMSynth instruments by merging your rack.
Keyable BPM.
4 New effects
Stereo support for PCMSynth, Beatbox and Modular machine input
Wave Editor now supports stereo, pitchshift/timestretch, bpm detection and more.
New loop and stem export options"

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Hy guys we have released a brand new music player for Android, we intend to provide best user experience with a great looking UI.
Download it free from Goolge Play Store

We'd greatly appreciate your feedback.
Thank you for downloading/ trying the app.

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