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1. Respect the MODS and Owner
2. Respect your fellow RP-ers (No Cyberbullying)
3. No Bunny-moding (Controlling other people unless the person says so)
4. No God-moding (Do whatever you want, when you want)
5. No Meta-gaming (You know whats going to happen)
6. No Double Posting (Give a person a chance to react after you) 
7. No Humans or other creatures are allowed, only ponies.
8. No Time Controlling Skills or Timelords (unless approved) 
12. Always check your grammar so the other rp-ers can understand the post and or the replies
13. No offensive photos, videos, or urls/url link (NSFW material and or Rule 34)
13. Each of the moderators will check all the roleplay post in order to check if they are not breaking the rules 
14. No violence will be tolerated this means posting videos or images showing them
15. No sexual role-play will be tolerated, this means posting images, jokes, innuendos, words like: rape, raep, etc
16.When one of the rules is broken by a role player this will be notified in the same post where the rule was broken, if its too severe the role-play will be tagged for deletion and the role player will be notified why it was flagged
17. A warning count will be added to the rules and will be assigned if the user broke a rule:
- first warning: the user will be notified in a private post why he/she broke the rule
- second warning: if the user insist of posting and breaking the rules it will be notified in the Discussion Category in order to let the other see which rule he/she broke
- thrid and last warning: the post will be deleted and the user will be banned and removed from the community
Note: Each of the warning will be explained why it was assignated to the role-player
18. If a another role player want to sign up as an existing character, the role player who have the same name or character, must give the chance to the other person to role play and not make a big fuss about there is another char like one.
19. no personal armies of your own.

20. moderators are superior officers.
 21. You can earn rank by; getting others to join, contributing to the community overall, honorable acts of valor, bettering Equestria and keeping it safe from threats both foreign and domestic.  
 23. Your OC must be an equine or an MLP race. This means pony, changeling, zebra, griffin, or dragon.
 24. No humans
25. universal crossovers
28. only a mod or owner can start a election.

thanks for reading 
credits goes to +Renato C.​ 1-18 19-25

Serenity is sitting out side wisling and watching the trucks come by

Searya is looking around at all of sights and talking to all of the new pony's
Wow this places is beautiful she decides to make trip around the city

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Name: Serenity Starlet

Age: 23 {not my irl age}

Gender: Female

Race: Pegasis

Talent: take down 2 ponys only with her wings

personality: calm, sometimes hotheaded, crazy, weird, strange, has some anger issue but she getting better with it,and very rude and mean when mad

rank: Airman

power: she can see and hear what a pony is doing and she can do this from her star eye but she never uses it because it can kill her

Bio: she was misunderstood for most of her life because of her good nature so when she signed up it fight her friends and family laughed at her and said she was going to die the first day but she got 21 kills in one year 

more information: When she was young she was granted a gift but she took it as a curse the first time she used her magic she almost died she was in acoma for 3 months and her family thought she was dead soon she awoken and promised to never use her magic again 

I wonder around and a bit confused and angered from her confustion WHERE IS THIS STUPID PLACE she takes a deep breath calm down Serenity calm down she continues her search 

Steel was on dungeon guard duty, he passed the time with reading some books, hoping to find something on defeating the nightmares, there were a few fragments of information here and there, but nothing enough to piece together a way to defeat the nightmare forces

is mediating on my head at a hall, being silly

(First come first serve. Unless you're a mod or the owner)

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after a long time the deed was finally done. I had put the finishing touches on the new sword. It looked beautiful, and very powerful. The gem I was given was also placed just above the hilt, in the middle of the blade. I held it up examining it, a smile on my face +Renato C. will love it.

bounces around being a jester, also doing martial arts Heeeyah! KEEEEEE!!!!!

(Open to the first one that wants to rp)

Blade is still doing her best to forge a powerful new sword using the things the king gave her. She wasn't that familiar with smithing, though she was still giving it her all
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