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Day 3 of World Love Week. and I look forward to more of you in the Skype Room (wink). Please do give your feedback on how it looks now (after +Gina Gaudio-Graves  and +Jack Humphrey  gave me some great ideas > 
Happy Valentines Week everyone. Its #World Love Week. If you want something to inspire you  this week, this may help; World Love Week Course for Business. Its free all this week and I have a Skype room inside for you.

Hi everyone. I'm Lynn Hawkins, and I live just north of Atlanta, GA USA. I'm an intuitive business mentor and funding strategy muse focusing on increasing awareness and action around social entrepreneurship. Have you figured out how you can give a little out of your business and get a lot in return?  Life, Business, Balance are a great theme for the TotalPreneur! I'm really glad to be a part of this community.

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Hi everyone, I'm Aline Boundy, from the UK. I totally relate to the concept of Totalpreneurship, a balanced lifestyle has evaded me for much of my adult life, (I was a high school teacher until very recently) and that is what I aim for now.
I love the freedom of working for myself, but being fairly new to business, I know I need guidance, and there's lots of it here!
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