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Job Seeker(D-10) for Student Visa(D-2) Holders

Change of Status to Job Seeker (D-10) for Student (D-2) VISA Holders

This is the information for some of foreigner students who are studying in Korea and trying to find a job in Korea.

Usually foreigner students have D-2 VISA for studying Korean Language or their future professions in Korea or overseas. However, the most of the information provided in other agencies is limited and is lack of English version of information for foreigner students to find a job in Korea or other change of status based on their current VISA.

From now on, JANGHAENG.COM who is an administrative attorney may help you through communication in English.

1. Eligible Individuals: Easy mean of eligible individuals is the person who has qualified or able to do inKorea.
(1) You have earned an associate degree from a Korean Community College (including graduating students)
(2) You have earned a bachelor's degree or higher from a Korean Univ. (including graduating students) or who has completed (will be completing soon) a research course of an academic research center, or
(3) You have earned a bachelor's degree or higher from a Korean/foreign univ. (including graduating students) and
intend to establish a start-up based on intellectual property rights or the equivalent technology.

2. Restricted Individuals.
If you have ever quit your job without a valid attributable to the employer before your contract expired and have your
status changed to D-10(VISA for Job Seeker) within the past one year, you will be restricted from changing your status.

3. Required Documents.
<For Job-Seeking Activities>

<For Student (D-2) VISA holders>
(1) An application form (Form No. 34), passport, Alien Registration Card, fees;
(2) A certificated of education, transcript, etc.; However, if you are verifiable on the immigration information system,
you are exempt from submitting the documents (=no need to submit these documents).
(3) A Job-Seeking Activity Plan;
(4) A photocopy of a national technical qualification (if any).

<For Entrepreneurial (=businessmen) Activities based on Technology>
(1) An application form (Form No. 34), passport, Alien Registration Card, fees;
(2) A certificate of education (bachelor's degree or higher);
(3) A technology-based start-up plan; Start-up company means that it is usually called as a newly formed company.
(4) A photo copy of a patent/utility model registration/design registration or certificate/receipt of application (if any);
(5) A photo copy of a certified proof that you have completed/participated in the Overall Assistance for Start-up
Immigration System (hereinafter referred to as "OASIS") courses (if any).

*For OASIS website, please kindly visit at
*Start-up VISA (OASIS VISA) Point Flow Chart (Captured by OASIS website.)

4. How to Apply.
Please apply for the change of status to the Immigration (Branch) Office with jurisdiction over your place of residence
immediately after the change (or before the change.)
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