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Here are the characters, if you want an OC apply and I might add them.
Ayano:+Aria A​ 
Kido: +Nky Stephy​ 
Seto: +Seto Kousuke​ 
Kano: +Kayla Rules The Endergirl​ 
Marry: +Marry Kozakura​ 
Momo: +Kisaragi Momo B-ko Nisemono​ / +Alex Senpai​ 
Ene: +ENE~ Enomoto Takane​ / +Mary Nanami​ 
Shintaro: +Brief Rock​ 
Hibiya: +Luis Ramos 
Konoha: +Konoha Kokonose​ 
Kuroha: +Nyx Monechrome Shopping Cart Queen​ 
Azami: +Mio Naruse​ 
Hiyori: +Hiyori Asahina​ 
Kenjirou: +Kenjirou Tateyama​ 
Haruka: +Konoha Kokonose​ 
Takane: +ENE~ Enomoto Takane​ / +Mary Nanami​ 
Shion: +Miyabi Kyohei​ 
Ayaka: +A Conғlιcтed roleplayer ​ 
Tsukihiko: +Akira Kujyou 

Guess no matter how hard I try I can't seem to escape this place

Oh jesus remember this

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////Open RP////
In the city of lies...I wonder what mysterious things happen here. More than anything I hope no one else finds out about this other world. There's so much things that goes on in my mind that I can't say out loud and so much people here I don't know about. But how long does it take to meet someone new.

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Name: Kano Shuuya
Age: 14
Gender: Female (Gender switch version.)
Eye Power: Deceiving powers 

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This is my character
+Holo Pearl

Okay didn't vote for her but oh well
OC #4 : Kagerou Daze

Name : Sina Alina

Age : 14

Birthday : 7/10/2001

Sex : Female

Eye power : Transportation Eye (Ability to Teleport)Red

Family : Works around the world

Hair color : Purple

Eye color : Turquoise and 👆

Described color : Gold

Color pallets request : #26
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I refuse to let Chris quit as Shin because tbh I really like roleplaying with him okay

Guys its been a year since we made this thing

I kinda forgot this existed

Guys do we even do rps anymore or are we just lazy
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