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Welcome to 🐾Wolves Of Power Roleplay🐾!

The different territories are explained below. There are a couple other places you should know about.
Battlegrounds - There are actually several places that are battlegrounds, with at least one in every territory.

Howling Tree - The Howling Tree is a place for the different packs to meet. It is in the very center of the land. The name came from the sound it makes when the wind blows through the leaves.

Star Cave - No one lives in this dark, spooky cave. It is located close to the heart of Galaxy Pack territory, but the Solar Wolves do not attack intruders heading for the Star Cave. The Star Cave is a place for wolves of other packs to meet with the Galaxy Pack members to ask help or advice.

Galaxy Pack - Galaxy Pack inhabits the rich deciduous forest. Prey is plenty, and plants cover almost every inch of the forest floor.

Wind Pack - This pack's territory consists of wide open plains. Tall grasses come up over a normal-sized wolf's back and hide prey.

Flame Pack - Volcanoes cover the majority of this pack's land. The air is hot and dry, perfect for a fire wolf.

Sea Pack - Welcome to the ocean! Several islands provide dens and land prey, but you better be able to swim!

Earth Pack - The Earth Pack's lands are mountains and plateaus. Prey is more scarce, but easy to catch.

Light/Dark Pack - The Light/Dark Pack lives in the coniferous swamp. Trees are so close together, the sun is completely blocked out in some places.

Venom Pack - The Venom Pack resides in the bright, hot desert with a single, large oasis in the center. Prey and water flourish in the oasis, but the farther from it you get, the hotter it becomes.

There are a few different positions within the pack:
Alpha Male
Alpha Female
Border Scout
Hunting Scout
And Messenger.

Each position has a different job.
Alpha Male - The Alpha Male's job is to run the pack.

Alpha Female - The Alpha Female's purpose is to help the Alpha Male and expand the pack.

Beta - The Beta is the second in command. Depending on the size of the pack, there can be more than one.

Delta - The Delta is basically the battle general. It is usually the best fighter in the pack, aside from the Alphas, and will lead the pack to fight.

Border Scout - The Border Scout is usually the wolf that helps to patrol the borders of the territory. He/she will take small groups of pack members to patrol at different times of the day.

Hunting Scout - The Hunting Scout is the wolf that leads pack hunts. When the entire pack goes out to hunt, the Hunting Scout becomes commander of the pack, even the Alphas.

Omega - The Omega is the tension-reliever. He/she prevents fights from breaking out. They usually try to draw attention to themselves when two wolves start growling.

Messenger - The Messenger takes messages from one pack to another. They are usually the only pack member allowed to cross borders into another territory. Most Messengers have a unique scent that distinguishes them from other pack members.

Hunters - The Hunters are the rest of the pack members. Every member is crucial in a hunt or battle.

Every wolf that is approved will be added to the roster, along with the owner (if it has one).
Alpha Male - Jupiter
Alpha Female - Juno
Beta - Neptune
Delta - Mars
Border Scout - Faunus
Hunting Scout - Diana
Omega - Venus
Messenger - Mercury
Hunters ⬇

Alpha Male -
Alpha Female -
Beta -
Delta -
Border Scout -
Hunting Scout -
Omega -
Messenger -

Alpha Male -
Alpha Female -
Beta - Hunter +Dragon Hunter108​​​​​​​
Delta -
Border Scout -
Hunting Scout -
Omega -
Messenger -
Hunters ⬇

Alpha Male -
Alpha Female -
Beta -
Delta -
Border Scout -
Hunting Scout -
Omega -
Messenger -
Hunters ⬇

Alpha Male -
Alpha Female -
Beta -
Delta -
Border Scout -
Hunting Scout -
Omega -
Messenger -
Hunters ⬇

Alpha Male - SaberFang +Void RowanBlaze​​​​​​​
Alpha Female - Moonlight +Wrecking Razors​​​​​​
Beta -
Delta -
Border Scout - Shadow (Kemuri) +white wolf​​​​​
Hunting Scout -
Omega -
Messenger -
Hunters ⬇
Bert +Dereck Liang

Alpha Male - Warbite +Velika The Alpha Dragon​​​​
Alpha Female -
Beta -
Delta -
Border Scout -
Hunting Scout -
Omega -
Messenger -
Hunters ⬇
Wolves of Power Pack Logos
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+Velika Nightstreak The Alpha Dragonspirit walks in a forest still as she could be she sits down and lays her head down for a night's sleep, she fixes her feather and her stone necklace as she sniffs the air and smells you

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☆~~~profile format~~~☆
Name: "I'm spirit,nice to meet you"
Nickname: "just call me spirit"
Age: "I'm a 1,000 years old"
Birthdate: "I was born in let's see, I forgot when I was born"
Gender: "I'm a female wolf"
Theme song: "It is amazing grace any version"
Accessories: "I'm have a feather in my ear and a almost dream catcher necklace around my neck"

Personality: "imm a sweet and kind wolf"
Likes: "imm like all wolves"
Dislikes: "imm hate seeing my forest die"

Species: "imm a wolf"
Pack: "imm do not have one"
Position: "imm mm just a loner

Abilites/powers: "i can control ice and water"

Mate: "im, mated too a wolf similar too me pernemantly without pups"
Pups: "none I hate having pups"
Dam/mother: "her name is ice"
Sire/father: "his name is just alpha"
Sisters: "every she - wolf in existence"
Brothers: "every male wolf in existence"
Friends: "nature is my friend"
Enemies: "sometimes my mate"

Stats (out of 10)
aggression: 1/10
Running 10/10
Swimming 10/10
Flying 1/10

shadow was paroling the borders, of course with that strange shadow/ghost thing that always seemed to follow behind her, the bush started shaking, out poped a rabbit Shadow: wow this is the first time thats happened in a while she got into a hunting position, then you.........

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Name: Shadow

Nickname: Shade

Age: 23 moons

 Birthdate: October, 9

Gender: female

Theme Song: no theme song, sorry

 Accessories: Blue feather attached to tail

 Bio: She was a lone wolf for a while, she found a mate but it wasnt meant to be, one day she found him laying dead in their cave with a crazy wolf that neerly killed her but she got to the crazy one first. shes a shadow wolf, she cannot be shocked with other powers, she used to work for the death alpha as a servant then she escaped and started a new life. She got her scars under her eyes from the death alpha when she talked back to him, he scrached her, releasing her "blue blood" and thats why they turned out blue

 Personality: Kind, Strong, serious, Obeys pack laws and the alphas

 Likes: Pups, food, hunting, other wolves

 Dislikes: Enemy packs, Traitors, trespassers, certain wolves, pure evil wolves

 Species: Shadow wolf

Pack Position: Border Scout

Abilities/Powers: She usually has a 3D shadow following behind her that she always believes is her lost mate.

Mate: Kemuri (dead)

Pups: none

Dam/Mother: unknown

 Sire/Father: unknown

 Sisters: none


 Friends: (open)

 Enemies: none (for now)


Aggression: 3/10

Running: 10/10

Swimming: 9/10

Flying: 0/10

Climbing: 6/10

Speed: 10/10

Stamina: 10/10

Fighting: 10/10

Intelligence: 9/10

Sight: 9/10

Hearing: 10/10

Smell: 10/10

Touch: 7/10

Taste: 0/10

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This wolf is up for adoption. Feel free to make your own profile for this wolf, so have fun i guess. first to comment gets him/her!

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This is that shadow that usually follows shadow around, well that shadow has a name and when he was alive he was shadows mate, even though hes dead i might still roleplay with him

Name: Kemuri
Nickname: none, hes dead
Age: 25 moons (deceased)
Birthdate: 6/15
Gender: male
Theme Song: none
 Accessories: none
 Bio: i will come up with something eventually
 Personality: follows his live mate around for no reason
 Likes: waching over his mate
 Dislikes: other wolves
 Species: Ghost wolf
 Pack: Light/dark
 Position: all he does is follow his mate so i guess border patrol
 Abilities/Powers: protects his mate, gives her strength durring battles
 Mate: Shadow
 Pups: none
 Dam/Mother: unknown
 Sire/Father: unknown
 Brothers: none
 Friends: only his mate so, Shadow

Aggression: 10/10
 Running: he doesnt run he floats 0/10
 Swimming: he floats 0/10
 Flying: 10/10
 Climbing: 0/10
 Speed: 10/10
 Stamina: 7/10
 Fighting: 8/10
 Intelligence: 10/10
 Sight: 10/10
 Hearing: 10/10
 Smell: 0/10
 Touch: 0/10
 Taste: 0/10 except for his victems blood then its a 10/10

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Name: Hunter

Nickname: None

Age: 29(In Human Years)

Birth Date: Unknown

Gender: Female

Theme Song: Fighting Shadows

Accessories: None

Bio: Hunter wasn't born in a Pack, she was born about a mile away from the Flame Pack Territory. The only thing she remembers of her parents was that they had similar markings to her's. Hunter had wandered into Flame Pack Territory, searching for her Parents. She was found by a Flame Pack Border Scout and a few other wolves with him, Hunter was starving and was in need of help. The Border Scout and the other Wolves took Hunter to where the rest of the Flame Pack was.
After Hunter grew into an adult, she became a great hunter, fighter and protector. The Beta of the Flame Pack, AshWind, became good friends with Hunter and they often spent a lot of time together. But that was soon going to end when the Beta had gotten a terrible sickness. Hunter stayed with the Beta a lot and did anything that he needed her to do. Only after a few months did the Beta die, Hunter was heartbroken, he felt like a father to her.
After a while, the Alphas of the Flame Pack had chosen Hunter as the new Beta, she was afraid to be the Beta but AshWind's spirit guided her.

Personality: Brave, Strong Caring & Battle Ready

Likes: Flying, Other Flame Pack Members, Hunting & Protecting Others

Dislikes: Others Being Rude to Her & Being Attacked by other Wolves or Creatures

Species: Winged Wolf

Pack: Flame Pack

Position: Beta(If that's ok with you +Velika The Alpha Dragon))

Abilities/Powers: Fire-based Powers

Mate: None

Pups: None

Mother: Unknown

Father: Unknown

Sisters: None

Brothers: None

Friends: Most of the Flame Pack

Enemies: None(Yet)


Aggression: Between 6/10 & 7/10
Running: 7/10
Swimming: 5/10
Flying: 9/10
Climbing: 7/10
Speed: 8/10
Stamina: 8/10
Fighting: 8/10
Intelligence: 9/10
Sight: 9/10
Hearing: 8/10
Taste: 7/10

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And here's exactly what I mean! This wolf is up for adoption. You may make its entire profile, including age, name, and gender. First to comment gets it.

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name: Moonlight

Nickname: moon or light

age: 28 moons

birthdate: unknown

gender: female

theme song: you're gonna go far, kid by the offspring

accessories: silver chain

Bio: abandoned as a young pup of about 6 months i found her about two or three days after. she was violent and agitated all the time. i was wearing 100% coverage of leather to protect myself as i trained her to be gentle and agile, slowly i started taking the leather off and here we are today with her being very gentle until cornered by other wolves trying to attack her.

personality: gentle until cornered, loving if she has warmed up to you, loves cool night cuddling

likes: cuddles, being loved, making new friends without being cornered, rock music

dislikes: fighting without being prompted, being yelled at over things she did but didn't mean to, pop music

species: wolf but not entirely sure

pack: dark

position: beta(if that's ok Velika)

abilities/power: grows claws longer or shorter depending on necessity

mate: open

Pups: none

mother: unknown

father: unknown as well

brothers: none that are known

sisters: none that are known

friends: open

enemies:none but open :(


aggression: 6/10

running: 8/10


flying: N/A

climbing: 5/10


stamina: 7-8/10

fighting: 9/10

intelligence: 7/10

sight: 7/10

hearing: 8/10

smell: 7/10

touch: 9/10

taste: 7/10
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