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Name: Raleth Sharp-tounged
Age: 14
Sex: Male
Race: Argonian
Bio: A young but accomplished mage, he frequently breaks the fourth wall and makes refrences to future technology. He is loyal but fierce if you get on his bad side. He is highly trained in the schools of alteration, conjureation, and illusion.
Alliences: Empire, College of Winterhold

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Name: Kouladin Bad here
Race: Mergada (apart from High Rock, the last place any known Ayleids were seen was in Hammerfell, where they were hunted to extinction by the Redguards... or so we thought. A large group of Forebears happened upon an equally large group of fleeing Ayleids. These Forebears took pity on the Ayleids, and spirited them to safety into one of the long-abandoned dwemer ruins in the southeast of Hammerfell. After spending generations together, exchanging knowledge and fighting off bandit interlopers and rogue animunculi, the two races intermarried, intervened, and much like the Bretons are born of Nedes and Ayleid, so are the Mergada born of Redguard and Ayleid).
Sign: Atronach
Skills: one-handed, destruction, alteration, enchantment, light armor, restoration.
Gear: Scimitar, enchanted Scaled Armor (fortify destruction, fortify magicka regeneration) enchanted scaled bracers (fortify one-handed, & fortify alteration), enchanted scaled boots (fortify restoration & fortify magicka), gold emerald ring (fortify health & fortify stamina), gold emerald amulet (magic restistance & fire resistance,) & enchanted Redguard desert cowl (frost resistance & shock resistance).

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NAME Jason

AGE 27


RACE nord

PERSONALITY sarcastic funny

CLASS college theifs guild

ARMOUR dearic armor

WEAPONS dearic bow

SPELLS healing

SHOUTS (none not dragon born)

APPEARANCE never takes helmet off in public

BIO growing up i lost my family we lived in small forests and made a good liveing but one day my parents where killed tiil this day i dont know what killed them but in my teens i went to the college of winterhold they taught me a lot after i thought i learned almost everything i heard about the daedra i was interested for a long time to the point where i ask they where actually okay with my research i ended up finding out something called a sigil stone i was told that i would have to go to a oblivion gate or summon a daedra warrior and i was injured in this process but i got it for once i thought i did something good and then i found a place under the college this sigil would work if i offered something so i was hard a work to see qhat i could do the i found the recipe to dearic armor and weapons i got the offerinfs and hit the lever and boom there i was i sat their telling myself i dont wont to go mad with this thing i had my teacher put it on me and i became and adult and left now i wonder the endless hours of my life throughout skyrim.
just to point out this took forever i dont speak English im french and im just learning English so i use a shitty translateer

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Name: Quenivere
Alias: Mistress of Bal, Quen
Race: Nord
Class: Pureblood Vampire
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Religion: Daedra (Molag Bal)
Skills: Conjuration, One handed, Enchanting, Heavy armour, Light armour, Sneak, Vampire Lord.
Preferred weapon: Mace of Molag Bal, Auriel's Bow, Ebony Blade.
Preferred armour: Shrouded armour, Ebony mail, Royal vampire armour, Daedric armour 
Bio: Greetings mortals, allow me to introduce my self, my name is Quenivere, Mistress of Bal. I was born and raised in Skyrim, but became orphaned due to my father's death as a Stormcloak, my mother died from the cold winters of Dawnstar. I was taken to Honourhall Orphanage in Riften, where I suffered incredible abuse from the Headmistress. When I was 19, I lived in Falkreath, selling herbs and poisons. That's when my life changed completely. I travelled the woods for ingredients, but I was attacked by bandits. I was rescued by cultists of Molag Bal, I lied there, only an inch away from death. They took me to their cavern and nursed me to health. I spent 2 years training the ways of being a follower of Molag Bal. One day, they told me about presenting me to the Lord of Domination Himself. It was an honour to me, even though that ceremony was degrading and painful, I was glad to go through with it. I emerged a pure-blooded vampire, the cultists bowed to me, I was their Lady. I continue to worship Molag Bal and now, I am His mistress.

+Tazuro Garugayai aim an arrow for your head, and fire, but i miss but its close enough for you to see and notice

Anyone want to rp?

*Lizeno aims his bow at his target, ready to finish the contract, the arrow misses you but you notice it*

Anyone can join the rp

lizeno walks up to the stairs of the collage shivering is a-any one th-there?

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Name: Lizeno

Race: argonian

Age: 17

Bio: a young argonian once, inoccent, not a single life taken by his hands, no item takin without paying, no pain, he was happy, his parrents had money, but didnt spoil him, day, his parrents were mugged, they gave him money because he had a dagger...he knew they had he killed them

Lizeno excaped to the sewers, he became a thief, he soon became numb to most things, he doesnt think about his parents died...although even if it doesnt seems like it, it still tourtors him...

He later became an assasian, something was diffrent, he didnt feel sad anymore, he had a new family
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