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Fire and Blood

Hello Witcher Rp, the newest event in this dead rp, Fire and Blood is now live! What is Fire and Blood? Just that! The sleeping dragon has awoken. Two thousand years ago, before the Conjunction of Spheres, the Dragon Cult of Zerrikania ruled the continent with an iron grip, lead by fierce warrior kings that commanded massive dragons the size of entire cities. The first of these kings, Aegon the Conqueror, along with his sisters, Rhaenys and Visenya, forged an empire in fire and blood, destroying all that stood in their path. However, the Valyrians died off over the years, weakening their hold on the continent due to petty squabbles, infighting, and incest induced mental disabilities. The dragons died off too, for the same reasons largely. The last dragon, Malfurion, was the size of a house cat. It was thought that the Valyrians died off entirely, with Ragnar's Rebellion, that overthrew the then king Aerys Valyrian II, also known as the Mad King. He used a special substance, akin to napalm in nature, but green and impossible to put out, as a way of instilling terror in the kingdoms, razing the countryside with wildfires. But that all ended when is his kingsguard, Jaycob Lancaster of Cidaris, put a sword through his chest, ending his madness. After the death of his eldest son, Rhaegar, the world thought the terrible reign of the Valyrians was over. But unbeknownst to them, Rhaegar had begat a son by his second wife, his sister Aeliara and sent her over the great sea, into the vast unknown before he was killed in battle. The child grew up in the farthest reaches of the world, beyond what is known to those on the continent. He grew up hearing stories of his father, and vowed that one day, upon the blood of his father, upon the blood of his sons, they would return to the Continent, and wreak havoc on the traitors that destroyed his family. Nearly two thousand years later, he held up his promise, when Aeryn Valyrian, with the company of his two sisters, Rhaella and Vyseria, arrived in Zerrikania, their ancestral homeland, the seat of the once great empire. They travelled through the Korath Desert, to the old capitol, Xerxes. When they arrived, history changed once more. The three found petrified dragon eggs, three, one for each. After building a giant pyre, the sat down in the flames with their eggs, in a desperate gambit to revive them, and with them, the empire of old. When the smoke cleared, a massive crowd of Zerrikanians had amassed outside the fire, curious as to what happened. A moment later, the three Valyrians emerged from the smoldering ashes, unburnt, with three dragon welps running around them. The Zerrikanians fell before them, and worshiped them as the gods of old. There, in Zerrikania, they regrouped, recovering from their long travels. After five years, they had heard of the turmoil in the rest of the land, the return of the Red Riders, the destruction of Tor Zireal, the legend of the White Wolf of Rivia. And together, they set off, with fully grown dragons, nearly the size of the dragons of old, and a Zerrikanian warrior horde at their backs, they marched off towards Ebbing. There they made their way north, and settled in Toussaint, razing the countryside, running it red with fire and blood, establishing their new capitol in the old Nilfgaardian bastion of entertainment. With an army of nearly a million at their side, and three dragons, they seemed unstoppable. That is, until a group of heroes rose to the occasion, meeting them in combat. What will happen? Who knows. Perhaps they will conquer the Continent once again, establishing another thousand year old empire. Perhaps they will be killed in the heat of battle, along with their dragons, Numinex, Caraxes, and Vermithrax. That is up to you. Will you rid the world of the ancient scourge that has returned to bring it to it's knees? Or will you be a victim of the endless waves of Fire and Blood sweeping the world?

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Aeryn Valyrian, first of his name, rightful king of the first men, lord protector of the realm, the unburnt, Khalasar of the Great Zerrikanian horde, the dragon returned

Age: 32
Sex: male
Race: Zerrikanian (dragon?)
Height: 6'3
Weight: 198
Occupation: none
Weapons: Blackfyre: An ancient Zerrikanian steel greatsword, the sword that Aegon the Conqueror used when he united the world under his empire. Forged from Zerrikanian steel, it is not only unbreakable, but never dulls, as it was woven with both steel and ancient and forgotten magic; His dragon mount, Numinex, a massive black dragon, nearly the size of Aegon the Conquerors' mount, Balerian the Dread, who was said to be the size of Vizima.
Expertise: Military strategy, dragon riding, armed combat
Personality: Arrogant, idealistic, determined, passionate
Sexuality: Straight
Partner(s): Rhaella and Vyseria
Bio: See the event announcement

Queen Rhaella

Sex: Female
Height: 5'8
Weight: 116
Occupation: none
Weapons: Dark Lady: An ancient Zerrikanian steel sword, the sword used by Visenya Valyrian used when she, with her brother, united the world under his empire. Forged from Zerrikanian steel, it is not only unbreakable, but never dulls, as it was woven with both steel and ancient and forgotten magic; Her dragon mount, Caraxes, a large red dragon, roughly the size of Visenya Valyrian's dragon mount, Meraxes.
Expertise: Commanding troops, dragon riding, armed combat
Sexuality: Straight
Partner: Aeryn
Bio: See the event announcement

Queen Vyseria

Sex: Female
Height: 5'6
Weight: 102
Occupation: none
Weapons: Phobos and Deimos: Ancient Zerrikanian steel daggers, the daggers used by Rhaenys Valyrian used when she, with her brother, united the world under his empire. Forged from Zerrikanian steel, they are not only unbreakable, but never dull, as they were woven with both steel and ancient and forgotten magic; Her dragon mount, Vermithrax, a large red dragon, roughly the size of Rhaenys Valyrian's dragon mount, Vhagar.
Expertise: Dragon riding, armed combat
Sexuality: Straight
Partner: Aeryn
Bio: See the event announcement

(Pictured: Rhealla, Aeyrn, Vyseria, in that order, both photos)
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Aldar was in the city of Novigrad he was buying food and supplies

He had collected a substantial amount of stuff and went to pay for the last bit of stuff on the list he handed the merchant his bad and the payment

"Sorry Kid you don't have enough coin for any of this"

"What? It says on your board that this is the exact cost!"

The merchant leaned down and snarled

"Prices tripled for your kind, brat"

He said spitting

Aldar was ticked off, he clenched his fist on the counter, a circle began to glow around it causing the fruit to explode sending I over the people in the market as well as the merchant

People backed away from him shocked, some screamed and fled, Aldar was equally shocked he never had magic act on its own like that before but before he could react guards surrounded him and there were more with crossbows further away he sighed and put up his arms, making some of them flinch

One was brave enough to walk up and the his hands behind his back

"That old woman is gonna be pissed off this time"

They dragged him off throwing him into a dungeon

"Enjoy your last hours alive Mage"

Aldar a lid to the ground resting his arms on his knees, He could use magic to break out but that would only risk getting out of hand again.


He slammed his fist against the wall

A few hours later

Guards came down with rope and drawn weapons

"Up mage"

Aldar was dragged up and his hands were tied again and his mouth covered, as If that would stop him from using magic. They walked him out and put him up on the stake, he was nervous know, risk magic and hurt innocent people or hope someone saves him. The priest began to ramble as he was running out of time

He looked put at the people
"Wait why should I care about these feeble creatures? All they do Is discriminate and judge me because I'm an elf"

He began speaking in Dracaenic the words for "Dark", "Hound" filled the air and from him a shroud of darkness filled the city and from the ground dog like creatures arose , the had red eyes, fangs dripping with blood and flame spurting from the sides of their jaw


He shouted as he broke free from his bounds, one of the dogs rubbed itself underneath his hand letting Aldar search its head l a crooked grin grew over his face

"Sick em"

The dogs immediately began chasing down people, jumping on their backs, biting at the necks


Okay so I'm working on a new rp/rp event, I'll post it later today. I really hope we can revive this group. Sorry I've been inactive myself, I've been using Facebook for rp's mostly as of June.

Dang. We need to get this community back into gear.

Anyone else looking to rp? I have one set up below if they want to join.

Date: 1268. Day and month unknown

Rulon spotted the temerians escorting the cart full of weapons, armour and other supplies when it came around the bend. He, along with 15 nilfgaardian footsoldiers and about a dozen archers were crouched behind trees on the side of a road in velen. They were planning to ambush the cart and take the supplies for the nilfgaardian encampment nearby. Rulon gave a signal to the men, signifying that the cart was insight. The archers knocked arrows to their bows and the foot soldiers kept their hands on their swords. Rulon could see the redanians more clearly now. 20 foot soldiers with the captain, in half armour, in the shotgun seat, the second in command driving the wagon and the remaining 18 surrounding the wagon, marching and trudging on the dirt and keeping pace with the wagon. They were closer, so Rulon drew his own bow and knocked an arrow. Once he shot, the other archers would let their arrows fly and the footsoldiers would charge. Rulon pulled the bow string back and lifted it up to his eye level. He aimed it slightly above the captain and, remembering to take the wind into account, aimed the bow slightly left. He closed one eye, counted to three and let go. The bowstring twanged and the arrow whizzed through the air, soaring through the wind like a bird. The wind pushed the air to the right slightly and the arrow arched down, the steel burying into the side of captain's exposed throat. The captain coughed and sputtered, grabbed the end of the arrow as pain shot through him and red blood spurted from the wound. Then, he fell off the wagon, still clutching the arrow. A second later he was still. On cue, the other archers released their arrows and they arched through the sky, raining down upon the temerians. 7 fell, either dead or wounded. Rulon slung his bow over his shoulder, drew his short sword and shouted in nilfgaardian.

"Charge men! Seize the supplies! Slaughter them all!"

The footsoldiers roared as they surged forward with Rulon in front and the archers drew in behind. The temerians, already in shock after the arrows from nowhere, were pulverised. Rulon met the second in command in battle. The second in command drew his sword and did a diagonal cut downwards. Rulon parried the blade with his short sword easily, stopping the attack in its tracks. Before he had time to react, rulon drew his dagger from his scabbard, the familiar hiss of leather on steel being heard. He drove the dagger into the side of the temerian's stomach. Blood spilt out of the wound and the temerian dropped his sword from the surprise attack. Rulon removed the dagger and did a side wards cut, decapitating the man. He looked around him and the rest of the redanians were either dead or dying. The nilfgaardian's lost 3 men in the fight with a further 2 wounded, one badly. As the 2 wounded were carried away, the nilfgaardian's began forming a perimeter around the cart and getting into the seats. At this moment, rulon heard a rustle coming from the trees. He looked around and heard footsteps. He yelled a command in nilfgaardian.

"Take those supplies back to the camp men! I'll join you later. Go on ahead. I have something to deal with."

The nilfgaardian's, slightly confused, nodded and began escorting the wagon back to the encampment. Rulon made his way into the forest, hacking a few branches out of his face. He looked around when he reached a small clearing. He could feel a figure nearby. He spoke, in common speech this time.

"Come out! Show yourself! I know you were there watching us! Come out!"


February 20th, 1268

Andromeda trudged through the swampy glades of Maribor. She absolutely hated the vile swamps, and despite the relative lack of swampiness, the shallow pool of water growing in her greaves was enough to make up her mind. She sighed, and leaped up onto a rock. She sat down it, and pulled a map out from being tucked into her belt. According to the map, the rendezvous with Foltest's troops was to be in a small town on the River Chotla called Brenna. Unfortunately, her battalion was scattered by Nilfgaardian expeditionary forces, and they all lost each other. Andromeda stood once more, and folded the map, putting it away. She put her hand over her eyes, realizing that despite the brightness of the sun, the canopy of the forest shaded her sufficiently that such actions were not necessary. She found southwest using the sun, and trudged through the swamps once more. She could feel the water becoming thinner and thinner as she finally found dry land on the forest's edge.

(Closed for me and +Daughter of the Gull)

I want to make more RPs but the story building chunk of my brain exploded

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Name: Rulon

Age: 96 years old
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 70kg
Occupation: Witcher/Assistance to the nilfgaardian army
Weapons: Silver sword, a steel sword sword, a steel dagger, a bow with sharp arrows.
Personality: Quiet, reserved, intelligent
Likes: Peace and quiet, Fringilla Vigo, nilfgaard
Dislikes: Dryads, pure aen Elle
Sexuality: Straight
Abilities: The 5 witcher signs
Expertise/Training/Education: Education at the fallen viper school
Languages Spoken: Common, Nilfgaardian
Birthplace: Nilfgaard
City of birth: City of golden towers
Partner: Fringilla Vigo (Lover)

Bio: Rulon was a quiet child. He rarely interacted with others and instead spent most of his time indoors, reading. This unfortunately changed when his mother was saved by a witcher from the school of the viper and told her 'Give me the first thing you see at home', and rulon was waiting right there, waiting patiently for his mother to come home. He was taken off by the witcher and turned into one. Not long after came the ruin of the viper school and the dissolving of the students. Despite this, Rulon continued his duties as a witcher. He kept his silver sword after the ruin and began doing what a witcher always does, kill monsters for coin. However, being the intelligent person he is, rulon began to realise he could gain a lot of influence if he helped the nilfgaardian army. He has done many favours for countless soldiers in the army, ranging from killing monsters as protection to scouting out and clearing land ahead for regiments to go through safely. These favours have helped grant him a certain amount of respect and status throughout nilfgaard, even from emperor empyr himself. Being the invaluable asset he is, the army has given him a short sword and dagger as well as an elven bow and arrows to help in his missions. In terms of lovers, Rulon has only had and still has one with that of Fringilla Vigo. They met in empyr's court, becoming fast friends and after a few months, the pair finally became something more and developed into lovers. To this day, Rulon continues to assist the nilfgaardian army while still continuing his witcher trade.

------------------------------ ------------------------------

Rulon swore softly in nilfgaardian as he looked over the information given to him about his next mission for the army, while he was sipping some wine in his home. He was just done with his last one on clearing out a fiend terrorising an encampment of troops. Now he had to go deal with an archgriffin that was attacking a platoon of footsoldiers. He sighed, attracting the attention of fringilla, who was sitting quietly reading.

"Oh Rulon... What's wrong this time?"

"Got another damned mission nearly straight after my last one.... And its nearly as tough! No rest for the wicked I suppose."

"Tsk tsk... Stop complaining. You knew exactly what you were getting into when you signed up onto this job. Don't be surprised that empyr wants to use your extraordinary skills often."

Rulon scowled. He hated when she talked like that. It was even worse when she was right. Despite this, he decides to end that subject.

"I suppose you're correct... Say, when was your meeting with the lodge again?"

"Not for another few hours... Wait... You're not suggesting..."

He got up, walking over to her. He gently plucked the book out of her hands and set it down on the table, forcing her to look him in the eyes.

"Yes I am suggesting that."

He put his hand onto her shoulder and wrapped the other hand around her waist. Fringilla gasped softly.

"But you have work...."

He drew her in, cutting her off with a kiss.

"I don't care. It can wait."

"Y-yes... I suppose it can..."

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