One of the most interesting podcast that I have yet to listen to a bad episode is The Infinite Monkey Cage with Brian Cox and Robin Ince, just makes science fun and gives me so many scientific facts to bore my friends with.

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One for all you Apple enthusiasts like me 😊. Accidental Tech Podcast. Not just about phones but Apple in general. Really good been going years. John Siracusa is the fountain off all knowledge. Great weekly fun.


Evening everyone. Thanks so much for your reviews so far I’m looking at recording another episode next weekend and hopefully growing the audience.

You may or may not notice some interruption with the site as I’m going to be doing a bit of rebuilding. I figured I’d do it now while we are small so if something went wrong it wouldn’t be a big drama.

I don’t see anything going wrong as I’ve done thorough testing (famous last words) 😂😂😂😂

Just thought I’d mention incase anyone noticed anything. Thanks all.

A great idea Dave +David Rich and a good first episode. I enjoy reading about and lusting over high end hi-fi systems and one podcast that I've listened to almost from the beginning is from the USA based, HT Guys and their, HDTV and Home Theater Podcast. Always a good listen and I've picked up a lot of great tips along the way.
Keep up the great work.

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My very first podcast recommendation to kick things off: 99% Invisible

From the podcast's about page:
"99% Invisible is about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about — the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world."

My thoughts:
If you're into the process behind how everyday and not so everyday things are created and for what purpose, this is a great show to check out. As a tech geek, I am fascinated by the way things work and this show tickles my curiosity bone almost every time.

There's good reason this is one of the more popular podcasts on iTunes. The host, Roman Mars, is a joy to listen to and overall the show's atmosphere is very relaxing with some nice music selection and great, fascinating topics that are generally not covered anywhere. The show is usually presented in a "news story" format with multiple people collaborating on each story and it contains interviews and such. I have fallen behind on the latest episodes, but I have truly enjoyed the ones that I've listened to. I would say that not every episode is for everyone, but it's easy enough to find a topic of interest.

I would definitely recommend visiting the accompanying web page for each episode as there are usually a few visuals that make each episode make more sense and really adds to the whole experience.

Recommended episodes / a good place to start:

Episode 230: Project Cybersyn

Episode 202: Mojave Phone Booth

Podcast RSS Feed:
Project Cybersyn - 99% Invisible
Project Cybersyn - 99% Invisible


Welcome everyone thanks for joining. This podcast is very much a new format. The idea is it’s for the listener a resource for discovery and hopefully an outlet for podcasters to promoter their shows.

Iv not done much solo work so regarding formatting I’m very open to suggestions and ideas. Please feel free to feedback.

Also please post any recommendations on shows and particular episodes for others to consume and maybe write a piece of what particularly draws you to a episode or show.

Thanks again for joining 😊

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Have a crack at "Blood on the Tracks". Hosted by Colin Murray. I suppose he's a bit marmite but if you like him... It's him and for guests shooting the breeze about music they love.

It's 4 show pilot for Radio 2 so enjoy it whilst it lasts. If nothing else check out the Shaun Ryder episode.

Unfiltered with James O Brian, is a pod I've found recently. It's a nice relaxed interview with some interesting people.

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Good luck with the new podcast about podcasts!

If I had to pick just one from all the podcast series I've listened to, it would be Mike Duncan's history of Rome.
180 episodes that got me hooked onto ancient history.
(He went on to do Revolutions around the world). I'm tempted to listen to them again.

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David, you can't go wrong with this. It's just started. No introduction needed.
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