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Demons are the mortal enemy of mankind and has been since they started inhibiting the same dimension. Demons are powerful and not to be under eatimated. Demon identification is rather difficult by look, luckily most demons have been documented by Slayer researchers. This is a simple and brief post explaining the basic demon types:

🔲 Small 🔳 Small demons are the weakest type, any average slayer should be able to handle them. They usually accompany larger demons. And can be trouble in groups

🔲 Medium 🔳 Medium demons are where the danger begins, a fight against a medium demon is guaranteed to give the average slayer trouble one v one. Usually being able to solo kill slayers is what separates the wheat from the chaff. These de

🔲 Large 🔳 Large demons are a truly dangerous force, a slayer who fights a large demon one vs one is asking for death, while its not impossible to kill a large demon solo. There tendancy to naturally regenerate limbs abd their incredible strength and durability. Its best to approach these Demons in groups, the more the better.

🔲 Gyaku Slayer 🔳 A special kind of demon, otherwise known as a Reverse slayer, these are human like demons with high levels of intelligence that rival if not surpass humans, Gyaku slayers usually carrie weapons on them and are best suited to kill Slayers as they are on even footing.
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