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Well, I have let this community, well, die. However, it's time to REBOOT the community. So, I would ask that you all share, and, start posting again.


Quick explanation on The Intelligence system.

The higher your Intelligence level the less likely it is for you to be caught Cheating. Also, it affects your knowledge of the world and your characters ability to understand things.


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Please Don't tell me this isn't approved. i mean, i've Given FULL INFORMATION ABOUT HIMM!!!

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Name: Hikito Hirazashi
Age: 18
Race: Imanity
Position: None
Possessions: Regular clothing, grandfather's pocket watch, 100 gold pieces
Intelligence Level: 4

Hello people! I just joined, and I see this community is very active? Is this still true? I think a NGNL RP would be so fun, so I hope it isn't! Nice to meet you all! :D

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Name: Vithril
Age: 8048  
Race: Old Deus
Position: Not any
Possesions: Many, Many magic rings
Intelligence Level: 5

This community looks pretty cool ^^

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Sry, this is the photo of Kurumi
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Name: Kurumi
Age: 18
Race: flugel
Position: nil
Possesions: A clock in her eye . The clock gives out power and Kurumi can control.Also, Kurumi has a pair of wings in black
Intelligence level: 9
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