Hi friends! I was wondering if it might make more sense for us to use Facebook Groups instead of Google+ (since barely anyone uses Google+, myself included!)

As such, I'm creating a Facebook Group named "Bodhinyana Sunday Sutta Class online group". So far I only have Michelle, Shivam and Ven Canda in it: @Russ +avihimsa upasaka - what is your Facebook handle? I'll add you to it too. :)

With much metta,

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Hi KM,
I just thought I'd let you all know about another group headed up by a few of the monks at Bhavana. It's running through an App called Discord and has weekly Sutta discussions, guided meditation and lay-chat. It's a bit of fun and the sutta chats are good. Here's a link https://discord.gg/5dH9qrM

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Hi KM,
With the encouragement of Ven Jayantha and my teacher Ayya Santacari I have started a video log series on my journey in the hope that it is helpful to others on the Path.

If you haven't watched Ven. Jayantha's series I'd also highly recommend it. He's on youtube as StudentofthePath

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Hi KM,

It has been a while since I posted these notes: apologies, it's taking a lot longer than expected to type these up, especially since I have been distracted by other work.

This sutta talks about what needs to be developed before one goes off into prolonged solitude: I guess this would be especially relevant to Michelle!

As always, appreciate comments please. :)

with metta


Dear KM,
it's been a bit quiet here for a while. I hope you are all well.

I've had the most incredible few days and thought I would share. There's a bit of back story so bare with me. At the beginning of the year Ven. Santacari Samaneri opened a shrine room about 15 minutes from my place, in Mother's back yard. This has coincided well with my wish to connect with the BuddhaDhamma and Sangha more fully. As a result of that I also met some fantastic local Sri Lankan Bhikkhus, was elected the Secretary of the BSSA (Buddhist Society of SA) and this week we have had a visit from Ayya Nirodha from Santi. After some persistent prodding from the Bhikkhus and the amazing presence of Ven Nirodha I have started to make arrangements to leave the home-life or at least lessen my ties for now. It has been a really tough decision and one that has brought some sadness too but the true power of the dhamma has become very apparent to me. On Saturday I took 8-precepts and already my heart feels lighter, even if the rest of me feels a little bit like it's been put in a blender.
I thought I'd share this news with you as I have discussed my struggles and aspirations with this group. Although you are all far away and the connection is only small I am grateful to you all for being fellow travellers on the path.
With Metta and may the triple gem protect us all.

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Hi folks, I guess we won't be hearing sutta talks for a while during the Rains Retreat! Just to share the latest time stamp notes:


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I also wanted to share some of the notes that I've started taking of Ajahn's talks, starting with the Rains Retreat 2011 talks of the first 10 MN suttas. I've posted my notes on MN 03 here, but there are further talks which I'm still working on (I finished the time stamp notes of MN02, but haven't done the editing).

The notes have a combination of my commentary, but also time stamps I.e. an index of when certain key words were mentioned. The timestamp notes thus provide a written outline of the talk, which allow the Sutta talks to be searched (eg by doing a Ctrl+F keyword search on the notes) and hashtagged. Also users can use the time stamp to go directly to the exact spot in the recording that they want to hear or rehear, rather than having to listen through 1hr of other materials.

Do you think such notes would be useful for you and others?

Thanks all! I'm actually at the Bodhinyana Singapore executive retreat with Ajahn Brahm now, so won't be able to join the next Sutta class. Would one of you be able to share this to the others online, so they could post questions etc here? We should prob also invite BSWA to join but I dunno how to, haha

Thank you for inviting me! Wonderful! Wonderful!

That's great, looking forward! Thanks Pj
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