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This is like Fallout meets Fantasy Magic Stuff! Basicly, the world was once normal, the amount of magic low and spells small as nature just went on. But, all of that changed when it rained a sea of magic filled crystal meteors! The land was engulfed in so much magic, everything changed rapidly! Some lands got so much magic, the wildlife could not handle it and mutated into horrible abominations. Elswhere the water may have been contaminated with mutation causing amounts of magic from a shard sticking out of the lake. Luckly, most places got it not too bad. But most wildlife mutated into magical new creatures, and so did most people. Normal looking humans have become rare, but they exist, there are preserved pockets. But no animals got preserved, they all changed into new magical beings. Time has passed and people born and die in this world, society mostly collapsed with most people settling in small groups or traveling nonstop, like nomads in a desert of magic.... And plants, there are still plants, some will eat you, but it's not a desert.

Mutation (we're all humans with different mutations, like wings and tails)
Weaknesses (regular mortality counts, but great power comes with great downsides, so the super op will have side weaknesses, like being more flameble or something)
Personality traits
Other (whatever extra should be mentioned)

Rules: (please just read)
1. Do not kill if the other doesn't want it
2. Magic is infinitely great, but the greater the magic, the greater the weaknesses, balance yourself out
3. No beyond medieval technolegy, the most modern thing we have is a magic fueled canon, guns do NOT exist
4. If you appear fully human, mention being from a small preserved pocket in the bio (which also means less magic) wings, tails, horns, scales or other odd features are the norm.
6. You cannot have or encounter a regular animal, all of nature changed. There are dragons and pegasuses and horse size chickens and fire breathing cats, but no common bears or wolves or mice on your journeys, those do not exist anymore.
7. Please wait untill approval of your profile. But be sure to tag a mod or owner! It helps!
8. No angels, demons, other realmly or other kind of kinda religious creatures allowed, you can use your angel picture and say your magical mutation is wings, but you can't be an actual angel.
9. Be kind outside of RP and keep the spam away, products or agression will lead to removal, 3 removals lead to a ban.
10. Only OWNERS can permanently ban members, mods are NOT allowed to do so
11. Use the "Other" section for questions, suggestions, awesome art or animations that fit the community or other nice random stuff, no rp here and no spam.
12. If you do something unaccapteble but there is no rule against this, a mod cannot do anything about it but an owner can, owner's word is final! If you do something so truely rediciouless we cannot accept it but you don't see it in the rules, take the owners word for it that it's unaccapteble! Do not like this at all? Hate us now? Make your own community, nobody stops you!

Thats it, thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy it here :D

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NAME: Willow
AGE: 21
GENDER: Female
MUTATION: Wolf ears ans tail with wolf like eyes
ABILITIES: Heightened Sense of Smell, Night vision, Heightened Hearing, and Enhanced Agility
WEAPON(S): Dual double blades that work with ranged and melee
WEAKNESS(ES): Large bodies of water (can't swim) and Loud noises (it can mess with her hearing)
COMPANION(S)/MOUNT(S): A rare red furred Cerberus name Red, Ash, and Fenris (or Raf for short)
PERSONALITY TRAITS: Badass, Lone wolf, Silent, but Helpful when needed
OTHER: Scar across nose from past
BIO: My parents were William and Aurora. My father had a fox like tail while my mother had cat like ears. They fell in love in this time of decay. They stayed together always and protected each other. Eventually I was born but I was born with canine like ears and tail along with bright yellow eyes. They still loved me anyway and taught me how to fight and hunt. When I was 12 I found a small Cerberus pup caught in a snare someone left. I used my knife to free it and I healed it back to health. I named each head Red, Ash, and Fernis. I called them Raf for short though. I trained Raf and we bonded in a way. When I was 14 thing changed for the worst. My family and I was walking through the forest when a group of badly mutated people attacked us. They threw a blade and my father moved me in enough time it only cut my face scarring me. We ran as fast as we could. My parents finally stopped and set me on Raf's back. They told to never trust anyone and always stay hidden. That was the last time I saw them. They made Raf take me away as the people who were attacking us kill them. Because of that I never really trust people but it doesn't stop me from helping sometimes. Sometimes when someone needs help or something I will help. Now I go around traveling scavanging things to survive.
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Name: August
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Mutation: retractable black horns and wings (the wings and horns can bury back beneath his skin), dragon's eye’s
Abilities: can control fire, incredible eyesight, of course can fly. Can heal quicker than normal.
Weapons: uses his fire for the most part. Skilled in sword fighting.
Weaknesses: not the best swimmer, water messes with his fire, large wounds take longer to heal, like his wings, the skin takes longer to heal when they retract.
Companions/Mounts: Small serpent dragon named Sengit (fierce in indonesian). She travels with him everywhere, can be sweet when she wants to be but has an attitude. Small enough to curl up in August's pocket.
Personality traits: August is rude and sarcastic to everyone. Likes to make inappropriate jokes towards anyone he knows. Seem’s like a stuck up bastard at first glance, but actually isn’t. Seemingly lazy most of the time, but has your back in a fight. Doesn't trust easily, but creates strong bonds with those he does trust.
Bio: August was born to the high chiefs of his clan which was situated on the side of a volcano. He was a rebellious child since the day he was born. He never listened and did the opposite of everything he was told. When he was 16, August was banished from his clan for having a forbidden relationship with the child of a rival clan. With nowhere to go, he set out with his best and really only friend Sengit, who he had found as an egg and raised on his own. Now all he does is travel from place to place looking for trouble.

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Name- Syfera Skye
Age- 24
Gender- Female
Mutations- Fox tail, Fox ears and black wings
Abilities- flightl, spells, and love enchantments
Weapons- Her spells
Weaknesses- Boys and lived one's
Companions- None which makes her sad
Personality- Depressed, Nice, caring, and smart
Sexuality- Bisexual
Bio- She doesn't remember anything but going through the mutations
Appearance- (Pictures)
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Here are some random creatures you can expect to encounter while traveling trough these magical lands! Hope this somehow inspires you or gets you in the mood or whatever :3
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Name: Amir Chasern
Age: 18
Gender: female
Mutation: horns, wings protruding out of arms, spiked tail
Abilities: flight, corrosion magic, decay magic
weapons: none
Weaknesses: poor night sight, no propper defence
Companions/Mounts: a cat sized wyvern that clings onto her (breaths blue flames)
Personality traits: asocial, a bit paranoid, silent and cold on the outside, can become protective, has killed enough to do it with ease
Bio: Born and raised relatively close to a shard, she did not only suffer from greater mutations but also from some paranoia, feeling watched. And this only got worse when some abominations wrecked her home and killed her family, something which she believes is no coincidense, somehow someone did this. So, she left, flying out into the world. She never flies too high or stays somewhere too long, not safe. Somewhere along the way she found an egg, which she orriginally intended to cook, but it hatched from the heat. She wasn't sure what to do with what she found, but eventually settled on keeping the wyvern that hatched, naming him Spoon. Well... She's not good with naming.
Other: her poor night sight gave her a fear of the dark, if she doesn't sleep before sunset and there's no light, she cannot sleep
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One thing I'd like to ask to whoever joins the community now that it's still a lil babywhoo, what places would you like to see? I just made some locations I thought would be fun in a world so magic stacked it's apocalyptic, but I'm not sure what els to add, I can still add stuff tho so please suggest cool locations!
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