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Welcome to EverAfter high

A high school for childeren of folktales and Fairytales. They face the same fate as there parents and people may stay with that fate or rebel against it





◖Rebel or Royal◗

◖folktale/fairytale parent◗

◖ Height ◗

◖ Hair color/style◗

◖ Eye color ◗

◖ Weight ◗

◖ Personality ◗

◖ Likes ◗

◖ Dislikes ◗

◖ Bio ◗

~ Extra ~


▣ Don't argue with Mods

▣ don't post spam

▣ you must ask to be sibling of a Oc that already has the character from the fairy tales of folktale as there parent

▣ please don't do anything to make your self some powerful being.

▣ Don't post any sexual pics

▣ Have fun

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Name: Gaia Forest

Age: 16

Eye color: sapphire blue

Height: 5'9"

Likes: animals, art, music, reading, and old movies/TV shows

Dislikes: thunderstorms, and needles (vaccine type)

Parent: Bambi

Parent's Story: prince of the forest (he's a deer)

Do I want to follow the same path as my parents: no

Royal or Rebel: a bit of a mix, but mostly Rebel

Secret Heart's Desire: to find my one true love

My "Magic" Touch: I can speak to animals and I have excellent tracking skills and an excellent sense of hearing

Storybook Romance Status: unknown for now

"Oh Curses!" Moment: If I start crossing a road or even the hall and I'm about to be trampled, I just freeze up and stare straight at the danger with wide eyes.

Favorite Subject: Muse-ic class

Least Favorite Subject: Crownculus

Best Friends Forever After: Raven Queen, Cerise Wood, Rosabella Beauty, Darling Charming, and Nina Thumbell

Appearance: a young teen with shoulder length chocolate brown hair, a tail, ears like a deer, eyes like sapphires, wears red and golden yellow shirts and bellbottom jeans and black thick heeled boots.
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Name: Coraline Finn

Nickname: Coral

Age: 17 yrs.

Rebel or Royal: Royal (Considered a Rebel)

Folktale/Fairytale Parent: The Little Mermaid/Ariel

Height: 5"6

Hair Color/Style: Seafoam Green; Fading Into Sky Blue
Curly; Bangs(?) Held By Two Starfish-Inspired Pins (Colors: Pink & Orange-ish)

Eye Color: Sky Blue

Weight: 117 lbs.

Personality: -Carefree
-A Bit Weird

Likes: *-Shrimp
-Pearl Jewelry

Dislikes: -Really Cold Weather
-Following Rules
-Running (In Heels)

Bio: (Still Being Worked On {Probably Won't Ever Be Posted})

~ Extra ~

-Has A Pet Starfish Named "Pearl"
-Drinks Alot Of Tea
-Dances Around Her Dorm When Alone
-Is Constanly On Her Phone
-Combs Her Hair With A Fork
-Collects Things
-Swims Alot
-Hates Hot Water

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Name: Lizzie Hearts
Fairy tale parents: The Queen Of Hearts
Age: 18
Gender: female
Birthday: Jan. 18
Zodiac: Capricorn ♑
Favorite food: Cinnamon oatmeal with mixed berries
Powerful qualities: hold, proud, and decisive
Roommate: Duchess Swan
Magic touch: with a tick of a wrist, I can build anything out of playing cards
Storrybook romance status: I'll wait until I return to Wonderland to worry about that
"Oh curses!" moment: people take me literally when I yell "OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!" But, its just the Wonderlandian was of saying "please" and "thank you".
Favorite subject: Grimnastics. I totally heart croquet, they even made me captin of the croquet team!
Least favorite subject: General Villainy. Why does everyone think The Queen Of Hearts has to be evil?!
Best friends forever after: Kitty Cheshire and Madeleline Better. They are the only ones who understand me.

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Did I post on the wrong community?

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◖Name◗ kitty chesier

Nickname◗ kitty

◖Age◗ 16 (in 5 days 17)

◖Rebel or Royal◗ Reble

◖folktale/fairytale parent◗ The chesier cat

◖ Height ◗ 5'2

◖ Hair color/style◗ purple,curled,abd long sometimes

◖ Eye color ◗ purple

◖ Weight ◗ whispers 92.4...

◖ Personality ◗ caring,naughty,and steals

Likes ◗ naughtyness,fun,and poof in and put of nowhere

◖ Dislikes ◗ seeing people she cares for being hurt and wonderland gone

◖ Bio ◗ Kitty is very naughty and likes to steal thing from people,so make sure you have your things! All of them.. so she does care for maddie,lizzie,the white rabbit girl, and Alice's son.

~ Extra ~ She really hates when people pour water on her so if you do that it's over!
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◖Name◗ wendy bunyan

◖Nickname◗ the great tall one

◖Age◗ 18

◖Rebel or Royal◗ roybel

◖folktale/fairytale parent◗ The Great Paul Bunyan

◖ Height ◗ 10'4 (paul bunyan is a goddamn giant)

◖ Hair color/style◗ long red-orange

◖ Eye color ◗ hazel

◖ Weight ◗ polishes axe "sorry, what was that?"

◖ Personality ◗ kind, relaxed, 'cool'

◖ Likes ◗ her family, meals as big as she is, sweets

◖ Dislikes ◗ homework...

◖ Bio ◗ the daughter of paul bunyan always loved hearing the story of her dad, when she was enrolled into ever after high she went with the flow

~ Extra ~ has a birthmark shaped like a triangle with an eye

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you see kitty she takes something,disappears, and goes to her dorm
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