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What are your thoughts on the over the knee boots?
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So this new clear shoe trend, What do you think?

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In order to avoid cracks in your make up, switch up your make-up application completely.

1. Foundation
2. Concealer.
3. Bake
4. Contour
5. Blush

Still have some foundation left over?

Squeeze some moisturizer in the tube and shake well. Now you have a foundation moisturizer for your face.

Want a more effective way of Curling your lashes?

Heat up your Lash curler for a few seconds with a blow dryer and proceed to curling. Don't forget to add your favorite Mascara to keep the look even more long lasting!

The Key to a flawless make-up application is to exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!!!!

Fuzz Balls on your favorite shirt or pants?

Use a razor to remove!

Absolutely the best highlighter without a doubt!


Pink Tastic
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