I just started ingress today and addicted already I'm in bville area and mostly surrounded by green

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Hi Agents! A research team at the University of Washington (the GAMER group in the UW Information School), is doing a study on Ingress. They are collecting data on Ingress player demographics and behaviors to better understand the player base, and the benefits and behaviors these games promote in real world environments. Please complete this survey and help them out! Please feel free to send the link far and wide! (They need a LOT of help recruiting participants, because it is very difficult to reach so many Ingress communities, as so many are are secure). Please re-post! http://goo.gl/forms/ldUP5EvEiIL8jcYI2

Just loaded the app, located near 481 and 81 in N Syracuse

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Greetings! I am in town working 4 days a week for the next few months. Downtown most of the day but draining frog ponds all over the area in the evenings. I am from Houston, TX.

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NL1331 is an official Ingress vehicle that will be visiting Syracuse for a cross-faction meet-up on May 20th.  See the attached article for more details and to RSVP.  Come out and meet fellow players.

Hello! I just started playing about a week ago and I love the concept of this game. I'm based in the Port Byron/Weedsport section of Cayuga county.

how do i add people to my Google plus? I put it on my phone, so if some one on our team wanted to get a hold of me, while i'm out  playing ingress.

Hullo there!
Just started playing this, looks pretty fun!
If I didn't live in the middle of no where I'm sure I could be a bigger help, but I'll try my best out here.

took down a huge green field this morning, that i think stretched from rt 57 to bear road. It looked like it had several fields converging at the portal. took another smaller one down in east Syracuse. It seems like green side it pushing us out of there.. Tried to take down portal at highland forest, but some one was charging it it, while i was attacking.

made it to lvl 6.
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