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Name: Lily Beth (But you can call me Lily)

Age: 15

Species: Like Sandman, Chose to also be an Elf by her powers

Abilities: She is one of the 3 elements of dreams. In charge of Day Dreams, Whatever she wants and thinks in her imagination will appear/transport/change/happen. Although she isn't very good at it. She is always happy, and her powers limit her to make only happy things appear/transport/change, or happen.

Personality: Always happy, friendly, and sweet, and never is mean to those that she hates, or even hates her. But it's not like she hates anyone anyway. She loves animals, and has learned to talk to them over the years.

Bio: Lily was sent away by her mother, and lived 15 years, not even knowing she was her mother. Just in case, a boy was sent, and took form as a cat, watching over Lily, until the day after her 15th birthday, she finally is explained to the whole story. She returns home, and prepares herself by learning how to use her powers, and then finally after a long time, she meets her mother to fight off those who kept her from her mother in the first place. But she's surprised to finally figure out that the one she's to fight, is her father, and her brother.

Hey, I thought I would put this out there just so you all know what my character is like, ;)
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((I know it's so cliche, but the door is left open a crack,XD))
Tries to make something appear
Me: UGH! Why can't I get this to work!!
A small black cat with bright orange eyes jumps onto the bed in front of me
Cat: Because you aren't trying hard enough
Me: I don't understand how this works, Lucifer
Cat (Lucifer): Yeah, I've noticed.
Me: Can you just help me?
Cat (Lucifer): What does it look like I'm doing?
Me: I hate you...
Cat (Lucifer): I love you...
Me:Yeah, whatever....
((Open RP))

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Hello everyone! I will start the school up once I have gotten members, so I ask politely if you would please pass on the message to others! The more you ask, the faster we can get this thing going! Thank you, and have Fantastic rest of your day!
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Name: Hatsune Miku
Age: 16
Species: human (I am kinda also a machine))
Occupation: singing
Personality: Sweet kind energetic girl
Other: I love leeks, I have a younger brother named Len and a younger sister named Rin, older sister named Luka another older sister named Meiko and a older bro named Kaito
Bio: I was the third vocaloid created, I am vocaloid 01, and I love to eat Leeks everyday! I am the main star at our concerts,

-thanks Izzy-
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