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💐Anemoon [pronounced ah-nuh-mohn]💐

💐Years Lived: One💐


💐 Red Fox💐

💐Personality: Introverted, lone wolf, a tad mean, brave and sly.💐

💐 n a m e m e a n i n g: Anemoon, a Dutch name for a flower famous for it's red color💐

💐 Occupation: Stray💐

💐Parents: Unknown💐

💐Siblings: Vlademir (M) and Zon (F)💐

💐Crush: !open!💐

💐Mate: !open!💐

💐 Offspring: Not wanting to💐

💐Sexuality: Asexual & Heterosexual💐

💐 Sexuality meaning: She is attracted to the opposite gender, and is okay with being lovers, but doesn't want to mate💐

💐Biography: Anemoon was born to an unknown fox. One time, this mother went hunting and was never seen again. Later on, Anemoon and her siblings were taken away by twolegs to live in their nest. Her sister and brother were ripped apart from her, so she never saw them again. Even after all this, she managed to escape and live a somewhat happy life. She strayed around, looking for food and water, which she found. Company wasn't her thing, which led to her being introverted and a lone wolf. Deep inside though, she longs for some male company, but who knows if she'll ever find someone.💐

💐Scent: Fresh grass and sunflowers.💐

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Quote: "Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations."

<Goes by> Patchedface.
<Moons lived> 14.
<Identified as> She-cat.
<Past names> Patchedpaw, Patchedkit.
<Occupation> Warrior.
<How she acts (personality)> Caring, sweet, sensitive, easily scared, sweettalker.

<S O C I A L>

<Brought into the world by> Ivyheart.
<Tom at her side (father)> Scorchfur.
<The one she blushes to> /Open/
<The one at her side (mate)> /Not ready yet/
<How she feels (sexuality)> Heterosexual.
<Wombmates> Ferretpelt (M), Cherrypool (F).

<S K I L L S & W E A K N E S S E S>

Fighting: 5/10
Hunting: 7/10
Crouching: 6/10
Swimming: 3/10
Arguing: 7/10
Bravery: 2/10

<Major weakness> Her younger brother, Ferretpelt. She loves him dearly.
<Weaknesses> Being betrayed/lied to, being cheated on, not being treated with love and respect.


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Quote: "It's always good to make real friends than having food. You eat food after a while. Real friends stay. Or something."

Name? "Silverkit.."
Age? "Three moons..."
Gender? "I-i'm a tom..."

Parents? "I'm the love kit of Scorchfur and- I don't have parents. Scorchfur acts like a dad to me, heh."
Siblings? "Uhm, do Ferretpelt, Cherrypool and Patchedface count as stepsiblings?"
Crush? "What is that?"
Mate? "No no no, I see where this is going, I'm too young."
Any other kits you've had your eyes on? "Woodkit is cute, but nah."
Is Ivyheart your mother? "No, but she acts like it. Greenblossom cares for me."
Any skills you've mastered? "Nah. If you count catching furballs, then yes."


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Some quotes:

"Oh, that is very kind of you."
- Ferretpelt thanking.

"Come on! We gotta stop them!"
Ferretpelt encouraging his patrol-mates to start chasing the enemy.

"Would you like to watch this for a while?"
Ferretpelt asking someone to keep watch over his freshkill.

Name? "Ferretpelt, if you hadn't already guessed."
Age? "Sixteen moons or so?"
Gender? "Tom."
Personality: Brave, goodhearted, strong, caring and fatherlike.

Parents? "Ivyheart and Scorchfur."
Siblings? "Cherrypool and Patchedface."
Best friends? "Juniperbush and Nightleap."
Crush? "I've been crushing on both Nightleap and /open/."
Mate? "I'm single."

Strength: 9/10
IQ: 7/10
Hearing: 5/10
Eyesight: 8/10
Swimming: 4/10


"Nightleap is my weakness. Aswell as /open/, who knows who I'll pick."

Mate preference?
"I prefer she-cats. Pelt color doesn't really matter, though I'm definitely attracted to dark or grey pelts."

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Quote: "Everything is going to be okay in the end. If things are horrible, then it's not the end!"

Name? "Ivyheart, thank you."
Age? "Oh, it's impolite to ask a she-cat that stuff!"
Gender? "I'm a she-cat."
Parents? "Fallenbranch was my mother, though I can't remember my father."
Kits? "I have three lovely ones, Ferretpelt, Cherrypool and the oldest Patchedface."
Crush? "Oh darlin', I have a mate. But he is also my crush."
Mate? "My dearest Scorchfur. I want to grow old with him."
Occupation? "I'm a senior warrior."
Skills? "I'm a pretty good hunter, not to brag, and I like swimming even though I'm not that good at it."

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Quote: "Don't call it a dream, call it a plan, and do it!"

Name: Scorchfur/~Scorchpaw~/~Scorchkit~
Age: Unknown
Gender: Tom


Parents: Unknown
Crush: Ivyheart
Mate: Ivyheart
Kits: Ferretpelt, Cherrypool, Patchedface


Occupation: Deputy
Clan: MapleClan


Hunting: 6/10
Strength: 8/10
Eyesight: 7/10
Hearing: 5/10
Swimming: 4/10

Disadvantages: He can't hear well, who knows why, but it doesn't really help him.

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Some quotes:

"Okay. So you're basically saying you can hunt perfectly? Sweetheart, your pelt is white. And it's the middle of newleaf."
- Bumblebee telling Bean she can't hunt.

"Hey! Wait for me!"
- Bumblebee begging Toffee to wait for her.

"Uhuh. And I'm a mother fox nursing her fifteen youngsters."
- Bumblebee being sarcastic after somebody told her nonsense.

Name? "My name is Bumblebee."
Age? "I honestly don't know."
Gender? "Haven't you smelled already? I'm a she-cat, doofus!"

Parents? "Please, don't ask. I'm an ex-kittypet. How am I supposed to know?"
Siblings? "I have no foxdungish idea, but my friends are Toffee and Bean."
Personality? "Judge for yourself, mousebrain. I ain't talking about myself this way!"
Crush? "P-pardon me? You don't go and ask a lady for StarClans sake her love life?!"
Mate? "Honestly, stop."
Slight crush? "I'm not even telling tha- alright, since you give me that face. I might slightly be crushing on Toffee. Don't tell him!"

I hope that is enough information for you, because she just ran off from embarrassment. Good luck!

P.S: brown cat is Toffee, white cat is Bean.
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I don't own the art! Art belongs to polaskia.

Name? "Cherrypool."
Past names? "Cherrypaw, Cherrykit."
Age? "Fifteen moons?"
Gender? "She-cat."
Personality? Sweet, shy, caring, the "old lady" kind of thing.

Siblings? "Patchedface and Ferretpelt."
Parents? "Scorchfur and Ivyheart."
Crush? "How..funny of you that you ask me. I like Juniperbush."
Mate? "I am hoping Juniperbush accepts my confession!"

Occupation? "I'm currently being cared for in the medicine den because of my leg, but I am a warrior."
Clan? "I serve MapleClan!"

Hearing: 9/10
Eyesight: 7/10
Hunting: 7/10
Fighting: 5/10
Swimming: 4/10
Healing: 2/10

Quote? "Don't raise your voice. Improve your argument."

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