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All over the Internet, there are sites that tout the beauty secrets of Brazil. Indeed when you see pictures and film of Brazilian natives lounging on the beaches or strolling down busy streets, you cannot help but notice how beautiful, tanned, and young the women look. It is natural to want to look as good, but first one must unlock the secrets to native beauty. As it happens, Brazilian women depend upon natural resources for skin care, especially a byproducts of the rainforest known as copaiba.

What is Copaiba?

Copaiba refers to a species of tree indigenous to the Amazonian Rainforest. The name is also given to the golden, viscous liquid tapped from the tree for various medicinal and beauty purposes.

What's so great about Copaiba?

To the natives of the Amazon, the Copaiba tree offers many natural health properties which have been utilized for years. Taken internally, copaiba has been used as an expectorant and a laxative, as an antacid and for other gastro-intestinal ailments, and as treatment for aches and pains. As a topical salve, Copaiba is a known analgesic for treating bug bites and skin irritations, and as an astringent for promoting health skin. Copaiba possesses anti-fungal and disinfecting properties, and is also believed to ease discomforts associated with psoriasis.

Are there any side effects to using Copaiba as a topical wash?

As copaiba is an all-natural, gentle ingredient, it should be suitable for all skin types. However, those with specific allergies may want to consult with a dermatologist if you're unsure about Copaiba, as the liquid has been known to cause rashes for people with allergies.

Why should I use Copaiba instead of soap for my face?

While soap in an essential for cleanliness and good health, it is not always recommended for facial care. Some soaps can dry the sensitive skin and leave behind a film that doesn't look or feel good. Copaiba, on the other hand, is soapless and gentle on dry, oily, and combination skin. It has been used for years by Brazilian women to enhance their exotic, tropical beauty, and in recent years American woman are discovering these secrets can help them look young and fresh. It cleans and moisturizes.

Look around the Internet for copaiba products and you are certain to find many shops selling copaiba products. Many sites claim to have the Brazilian secret to beauty, but only the copaiba in its purest form, used in skin care products, will do the trick. Make sure you are getting the best copaiba for your money, so you too can unlock the Brazilian secret to youthful looking skin.


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Copaiba proti gingivitis

Slabo ustno higieno , je pogostovzrok za nastanek gingivitisa . Prav tako še vedno brcati krvavenje dlesni naprej, lahko pripelje s parodontalne bolezni , ki lahko vodijo do izgube zob v najslabšem primeru .
Nič nenavadnega ni , da se izkaže, da zaznano zobobol kot akutno vnetje dlesni . Razlog za to je pogosto bakterije v ustni votlini , ki lahko hitro širijo zlasti na slabo ustno higieno .

Kljub dobri nego zob lahko pojavijo v dlesni in na površinah zob , posreduje povečano oblog ( plaka ) . Ker so keynote za gingivitisa krvavitvam dlesni in splaknemo kot tudi otekline v območju čeljusti .

Zdravljenje :

V entzündte dlesni z mehko zobno ščetko prvi masaži .
Nato pa se s prstom malo Copaiba olja. bolečina
Kroj po običajno v 20 minutah .
Zdravljenje dvakrat dnevno rabo . Po ne več kot tri dni ,
Vnetje umirila .

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