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1. ) Please don't steel art.. give credit or if you don't know who it is that created the picture put its not yours..
2.) Post in the correct section
3.) your profile must be approved before you roll play

Anyone wanna RP?

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Name : Goop
Abilities : Able to transform into smoke and a wolf
Starts moving : near end of night around 3am 4am
How active : very active
Whispers : Game over for you , Wanna play a game?

(This might end up being updated...)
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( funny thing is.....I forgot to make a profile! IMMA DO IT RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW. XD

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Name : Foxica

Age : I was made in 2005

Gender : F

Species : animatronic Fox

Rank : lead singer

Likes : being around people, sweets, Foxy

Dislikes : annoying, people being alone, people touching her fur..


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Art not mine
Species: Animatronic

Species: Animatronic fox
(I'm sorry this is short.)
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(( Pictures for a trailer before I make a profile :3 ))
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(Photo doesn't belong to me ;-;)


Main Information

Name: "I'm Kiyoko Kimura"
Nicknames: "I'm mostly known as Kiyko or Kim"
Gender: "I'm female"
Age: "Just became 21"
D.o.B: "I was born on August 14th, 1995" (Idk when this is set qq)
Zodiac Sign: "Leo...My Zodiac sign is a Leo"
Species: "Human..."
Sexuality: "I'm Bisexual"
Home place: "I was originally born in Japan but was then raised here after living a few years of my life in Japan"
Occupation: "I am a Security Guard for the Freddy Fazbears Pizzaria"


Hair Colour: "It is a blonde colour, mostly described as "messy" blonde with natural highlights of brown in certain areas"
Eye colour: "They are a red/purple/brown type colour"
Prominent Features: "I sometimes wear black glasses, I have scars all over my arm"
Clothing: "I usually wear black clothing like hoodie and jeans but I also wear a grey or brown shirt underneath with either black or dark grey converses. I also wear my security guard clothing for my occupation at the Freddy Fazbears Pizzaria"

Other Information

Personality: Shy, Quiet, Kind, Helpful, Optimistic, Very secretive
Conditions: " I suffer Bad Anxiety and Im suffering from Depression"
Likes: "Chocolate, Books, Freddy Fazbears, most of the animatronics...And other stuff"
Dislikes: "Noise, Animatronic Baby...It creeps me out too much..I also dislike blood"
Bio: "I don't want to talk about it please...All I can say is that I have been at Freddy Fazbears many times before working there"

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Name: Lex The Cat (just Lex)
Age: its rude to ask someone you just met their age. jeez.
Gender: Male
Bio: I was brutally murdered. any questions?
Personality: .....seriously. get to know me yourself.
Likes: I like chocolate.
Dislikes: most other animatronics and.....annoying people. cough like foxy cough
((art not mine))

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Foxy was in the kitchen getting something to eat (Open! Ask first.)
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