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I am sharing this kickstarter project because I really hope that it makes it's goal. This is the SLA 3D printer and laser engraver I have been waiting and waiting for. This 3D printer has the precision of the most quality printers on the market that usually cost thousands of dollars. This one everything I want and it is a fraction of the cost. You can print in the fine detail for direct investment casting. It is really simple to use, solid and built like a little tank. Oh and did I mention it is also a laser engraver! Check it out. #3dprinter #3dprinting #best3dprinter #slaprinter #affortable3dprinter 

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Geoffrey Roth LLC using our rotary indexer.

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Excel Spreadsheet For Concrete Design

Microsoft excel spreadsheets for foundation, concrete, masonry, and wood design and lateral analysis (wind, seismic, etc.),
Here you can download excel sheets for foundation design free, details of excel sheets given below, Thanks to engineering International for courtesy 

Feel Free to Download: Basement Column , Basement Concrete Wall, Basement Masonry Wall , Boundary Spring Generator Excel 
Spreadsheets, Brace Grade Beam , Circular Footing , Combined Footing , Composite Element Durability, Concrete Pier, Concrete Pile Excel Spreadsheets, Concrete Retaining Wall Excel Spreadsheets, Conventional Slab on Grade Excel Spreadsheets, Deep Footing Excel Spreadsheets, Eccentric Footing Excel Spreadsheets, Fixed Moment Condition Excel Spreadsheets, Flagpole Excel Spreadsheets, Flood Way Excel Spreadsheets, Footing at Piping Excel Spreadsheets, Free Standing Wall, Grade Beam Excel Spreadsheets, Irregular Footing Soil Pressure Excel Spreadsheets, Lateral Earth Pressure Excel Spreadsheets, Masonry Retaining Wall Excel Spreadsheets, Masonry-Concrete Retaining Wall Excel Spreadsheets and so on


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Speed Reducer Animation with outstanding rendering entirely modeled and animated in Solidworks. [Video + Download file]

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Has anyone else here started building the HACKberry? The prints came out surprisingly well on an Ultimaker Original considering their complexity -- I think the most difficult part was find the springs! I had to pull them out of a biro pen.
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You asked the questions about Autodesk new Subscription Model. Read the answers and separate myth from reality! 

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Interesting look at what happens when you heat water to boiling, and then use a syringe to reduce the pressure of hot water and get it to boil then condense rapidly.

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Design exercises | Ejercicios de Diseño-02
Ejercicios de Diseño-02 Al caer una gota...
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