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Heute Abend geht es im Babylon Mitte weiter mit der neunten Ausgabe des „Festival des gescheiterten Films”. Auf dem Programm stehen, wie der Name schon sagt, Filmspezialitäten, Tonight at 18:15; Tickets €8.00-7.00 | Rosa-Luxemburgstr. 30 |

Post has attachment Highly recommended. Highly Romantic. High mind states. Very talented musicians :)

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Today starts the RETUNE Conference in Berlin, near Schlesisches Tor, check it out if you don't have plans for this weekend :)

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Illustrative Berlin at Direktoren Haus
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Nexte Samstag ich gehe nach Torstraßen Festival

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“We’re all jazz musicians together and at the same time we all embody all of black music. We embody R&B, hip-hop, jazz, rock, funk, gospel music and we all come up in that. We have no problem infusing all of those things because we are comfortable with all of them. That’s the difference.”

If you have a Jazzy heart, tonight is your night babe.

Festsaal Kreuzberg  | Skalitzer Str.130
J.A.W x ROBERT GLASPER sessions: THE EXPERIMENT (R&B Grammy Winners / Blue Note NYC) | More info

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Dear Leprechauns and über Berlin followers, I decided to unleash myself this weekend, since I've been quite at home lately. So this is my proposal:
If we like music, we listen to it. If we love music, we feel it. And then there are people who, whether they like, loathe, or love music, actually get to see it. Synesthesia is the name if this mysterious illness, and anything from a car horn or a bird chirping to the sound of someone's voice can cause the afflicted to see a variety of shapes and colours before their inner eye. The next time we complain about hearing David Guetta's music on the radio, then, let's keep a moment of silence for those of us who are actually damned see it. [ Via sugarhigh ]
Fri. at 20.00, Sat. at 21.00; €10-12 | Elsen Str. 52 |

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Happy Summer solstice, everyone! Today, Nordic by Nature will host one of our northern friends' most beloved solstice traditions: The Midsommar Festival.

Today from 16.00-late; entry free | Kleine Präsidentenstr. 4a Check the FB event down this entry

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Highly reccommend this wonderfull afternoon party bar, the Griessmuhle
Nice music, nice people, young and beautiful girls & boys, all the combo for a great weekend afternoon. LOVE!
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HIghly recommend to visit at Flughafen Templehof. Today is the last day and they will have some good offers on interior design. Wake up Berlin! Meet the genious guy of Blockbox in this picture :)
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