i wanna do an installation called hippie hyppocracy

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So i am a terrible artist :). But basically i see afrika burn as a way to spread a message and mind set. I personally feel that the not enough people have the mind set of we are all in it togethor, but i mean deeply feel it. Like if i lpok.at person A i see myself on person A. If i look at the world, i see myself and the complete connectedness with the entire system. So to spread this idea/concept. I drew a very rough sketch of interconnected hands showing unity. This would ofcourse be a sculpture. I will redraw the sketch; but this is just to get the idea out there

this community is currently public, as i figured that its easier for people to join. should we make it private ?

Anytime you get ideas please add them to the relevent group. after a couple of months of ideas and discussion we will take a vote, as to what idea we will implement for 2014

too early -_- !!!!
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