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Preserving Circle contacts and your G+ social graph
Signal Boost. Some of the mods at G+Help are looking for detail about people trying to preserve their circles, maintain contacts and use profiles after the shutdown. If these areas are important to you, please dive in.

Rupert Wood says: Do you know of people or posts directly addressing this particular issue: Preserving G+ relationships and circles contacts and disappointed in what the 'Circles' download provides. I'm trying to collect some specific and detailed feedback posted by users regarding this in the last couple of months

This is the main currently active post.
What happens to the current Circle profile data in Google Contacts? Should I import my Takeout of Circles to Contacts? How much and how little information should there be in Takeout.Circles? What other Google products use the Profile About data and do you currently use that link?

What happens to AboutMe?
Will there be a public display of Aboutme on the G+Profile URL?

Do I need to backup Takeout.Profile data?

Do I need to backup Profile Photos?

There's also a number of posts around preserving contact info from friends in communities.

While saying #farewellgoogleplus here some boring thoughts of mine

I've tried #mewe along with #pluspora 3 times and ended up deleting my accounts. I don't see point of this alternative social media thing on my way of using. I was using #googleplus because it was seo friendly and connected to my blogger and I didn't had #instagram back then. I've never had more than 900 followers and 5-10 likes on my best post in G+ ...

I've never made any friends here or anything. At least in instagram my posts reach 40-50 people. In Twitter I have some interesting contacts like cast of Frasier and few great artists and at least in Facebook I have some family and arguable friends. What will I have on an alternative social media? In mewe there was already a semi naked girl who getting a lot of attention. Why people ever want a boring guy like me with landscape photos and renders?

I think I'll let my G+ demise and don't sweat on a making everything from scratch in an alternative social media environment that no one cares.

#signalflare #farewellg+

Reading this discussion of MeWe, PlusPora and other alternatives, I'm thinking I'm not interested in investing my energy in another proprietary or niche platform unless (1) my friends are ALREADY there (2) It has some potential for mass appeal or (3) there's something else really fantastic about it. MeWe, PlusPora etc. don't seem to hit all those buttons.

I'm active on Facebook on a Group, Things Mitch Wagner Saw. I have a blog at I'm on Twitter, @mitchwagner. My blog automatically syndicates to Tumblr, The blog automatically generates an RSS feed of course, and a newsletter And I'm active on Reddit and getting active on Hacker News.

All of those things are either nonproprietary -- not somebody else's platform -- or they have mass appeal. And that's enough to keep me busy.

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Well, I've been playing around with my blog ( and got the WP => diaspora and WP => mastodon plugins working -- it's really pretty nifty.

I finally got around to opening up the blog for user registrations, and immediately got several from people I never heard of. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that...

But while thinking about it, it occurred to me that a wordpress blog would be a fine place for a g+ community to migrate to. WP themes exist that are sort of like g+. There can be lots of registered users, and users can have assigned roles: administrator, editor, author, contributor, and subscriber. These seem like a rough superset of the roles that exist in g+ communities. Free hosting is available at, and there are endless alternatives for paid hosting....

Please keep in mind that you can live your life without G+ or a G+ alternative. You may not like it, (I know I don't), but you can.
Download your data.
You can continue to look for a G+ alternative long after G+ closes their doors.

tl;dr Stop just complaining about MeWe, it's not productive, instead be sure to also start recommending something other than MeWe that works better.

(edited the tl;dr: I don't mind complaints if they're used productively to point people to other places that work better. Complaining just because you can isn't productive to the people trying to figure out where to go, not where not to go)

Ok community, let's play a game. People have split opinions about MeWe. Those that seem to like it like it for the familiarity of the system, the way it works, and the fact that it feels "complete"... ish anyway.

It's a bareable... or really, so far, the only substantial replacement for G+, especially for communities. (edit: that I know of... which is where I'd like to be enlightened as well)

Now the people who dislike it, and there's enough of them with legitimate concerns that are really vocal about it on every post about MeWe... instead of yet again rehashing that argument (or especially copy and pasting arguments and links), recommend an alternate site that has features similar to G+ that is a good replacement instead of MeWe.

If your recommendations are good, people will check it out. Otherwise, your complaining isn't contributing to the current dilemma of having to move somewhere by April 2nd.

Time to put up or shut up. We don't really have time for whining threads and utterly repetitious drivel anymore.

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The YouMe.Social Android app seems to be working. An announcement was made that improvements are coming in March.
As I said before, I prefer YouMe over MeWe. The creator of the new social media platform, Jamez Frondeskias is trying to bring in more G+ like features, including communities.

Please note: The only way to sign into the mobile app is with email & password so save yourself some grief when creating a YouMe account. Skip the Google/Facebook option. Use email instead.

When you get to YouMe, look me up.

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Pentru cei care sunt deja in MeWe...
In momentul crearii unui link la o poza din google Photos aplicatia creeaza automat un album care contine doar acea poza, dar albumul nu are un nume sugestiv ci doar data crearii lui. Poti sa mergi sa editezi acel album prin intrucerea unei denumiri.
Atunci cand postezi in MeWe (paste acel link copiat) o imagine provenita din Google Photos (link-ul din Photos) ti se deschide o fereastra in care poti sterge textele pe care le insereaza automat, ca in exemplul ilustrat mai jos.
In acest mod nu esti nevoit sa-ti stochezi pozele sau clipurile video in MeWe ci doar in Google Photos si postarea arata "curata".

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Action: Content Reuse Licensing of your G+ contributions

A few weeks ago, +Filip H.F. Slagter posted a "Licensing details for republication of textual content submitted by me to Google+". It provides permission, under specific scope for others to archive his work on Google+:

This is an excellent idea, and I encourage others to do this.

There are a number of questions as to what license you should use, and how you should apply it. I've been thinking about this, and am going to suggest a basic approach.

The TL;DR: Using the CC BY-ND-NC license should be a safe minimum start, add it to your pinned SignalFlare post, your G+ "About" page, and an off-G+ location.

The Creative Commons licenses are a well-designed, widely-used, and well-understood set of licenses. FiXato is using one of them. The full set is listed and described here:


For the purposes of archival, clear permission to make and post copies of content are required. But you need not grant rights to modify or allow commercial use of content, if you don't wish to do so.

A license can expand the rights of a licensee, but cannot (nearly ever) reduce those rights. And there are rights under copyright which are generally granted, though these vary by jurisdiction. Specifying a re-use license is expanding rather than reducing options for others.

As the author and copyright holder of a work, you can grant additional rights at any time, either unilaterally or by request. The idea here is to allow others at least the minimum rights required to create and publish archives.

There's a fair body of legal theory that says you cannot withdraw rights granted, once issued, for works already published, for various reasons (estoppel being a major element). Which means that if you're not sure you need to grant specific rights, you may be better off not granting those now, and arranging to do so later, as that's possible (see above) but withdrawing rights is far less tractable.

The Creative Commons (CC) licenses generally focus on

BY: Attribution -- the author is credited. Always present.
SA: Share-alike -- derivatives must also be shared under the same terms.
ND: No derivatives -- no derivatives (exclusive with SA).
NC: No commercial use -- no commercial use.

This results in a set of six licenses: CC BY, CC BY-SA, CC BY-ND, CC BY-NC, CC BY-SA-NC, and CC BY-ND-NC. These are generally more-to-less permissive as you reach the end of the list.

The CC BY-ND-NC license -- attribution, no derivatives, no commercial use -- is sufficient for noncommercial archival of content. If you want to start with a minimum license grant which you can potentially expand in future, this should be appropriate.

And if you want to reserve a minimal number of rights (that is, grant all possible rights), there is a CC0 "No rights reserved" public domain grant:

The licenses are described, and the deeds and legal code are included at this link:

My recommendation is that you include this grant on your pinned SignalFlare post, as well as your G+ Profile About page. Simply as this will make the grant easier to find. You can of course post the grant anywhere else you like, but keeping it associated with your G+ profile will assist those who are making archives. An off-Google+ copy should survive the G+ shutdown itself.

You do not have to do this, but if you would like others to be able to archive your content, this will be quite useful.

You may also restrict grants to, say, text but not photos or other types of media.

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I've put together a site called Friend Xone which has groups, pages, forums, etc. It's nothing special, but it is an alternative to anyone who wants something like Facebook but without the spying and selling of your data.

Note ** It was created for my family initially, but it is open to the public.
Friend Xone
Friend Xone
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