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A side project to save Google+ in the Internet Archive.

Please respond in the comments if you fit the following description:

• Want to help preserve Google+ in the Internet Archive
• Have a computer with both spare CPUs and Bandwidth
• Are comfortable communicating by IRC (if you have to ask what that is, then it's not you)
• Like secret projects that aren't really so secret

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Google, you've kicked me out, now I want a divorce!

DuckDuckGo is a search engine serving results up-to-par w/ Google AND doesn't collect/share user info, doesn't track you while browsing (oh, you thought "private mode" in Chrome was actually private?) #ComeToTheDuckSide how cute is that hashtag, too?

#GPlusOrphan #privacy
About DuckDuckGo
About DuckDuckGo

Post has shared content Here's my discord for y'all to join. I would really appreciate it if you all would join in and so we can discuss various topics and whatever beef y'all want.

Post has shared content is my favorite alternative platform.
This is a group on Mewe for helping you learn to use the platform.
I want you to join my group on MeWe:

Do brand accounts count as business accounts? Because Google+ isn't shutting down altogether, only the business portion will be kept up.

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+Buffer will stop supporting G+ when the API shuts down... Logical step...

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With Google+ closing shop in April we would like to throw our hat In the ring as a place to migrate your community

Over the last few weeks we have been specifically improving on our Community component to be attractive to Google + Migrants.

We have created a community specially for you to help you with your transitions away from G+. You can go directly to the community we named Google + Migrants here:

The platform is not in beta. It is in production but it is new and we are looking forward to comments and ideas.The back-end architecture is very flexible and allows us to add and incorporate good ideas quickly. Think days, not weeks or months.

So check it out at and we at LifeCloud welcome you to our community!

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A Shameful Ending

Pitched internally as an answer to the competitive threat posed by Facebook, project “Emerald Sea” eventually became Google+. I remember Joseph Smarr and Chris Messina writing back in 2011 something to the effect that ‘sharing on the web was broken,’ which was what first gave me the sense that this team wasn’t only interested in building a Facebook killer. They wanted to use Google’s strengths in processing information to reinvent what it meant to share information on the web....

Interesting quotes in the liked articles as well:

"Either there was a great opportunity to sail to new horizons and new things, or that we were going to drown by this wave."
- Vic Gundotra, senior vice president of social for Google
The Fall of Google

I am very sad to write this, but Google's failure of leadership on Google+ is a complete disaster. The utter disregard for end users is shocking.

I hope that business cases will be written about Google+ in the future to illustrate what happens when businesses lose sight of the fact that end users still needed to be treated with the same respect accorded to paying customers.

I hope, too, that people will take a lesson from this service and the tremendous loss of human capital that it represents, to reassess how willing we are to trust our creations and our relationships to large corporations.
The Fall of Google+
The Fall of Google+

Can someone give me some examples of Google+ Pages

Trying to assemble some stuff....

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"There shouldn't be an additional charge to export your data. Beyond that, if it takes you many hours to get your data out, it's almost as bad as not being able to get your data out at all."

-- Google Data Liberation Front
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