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Hey everyone!! I hope to bring Argov back, along with other communities that I own and moderate, I deleted a community that was HIGHLY inactive and I barely even wrote in the drive about the story, so I replaced it with this! This is inspired off of NEO Scavenger a game that I DEARLY want, I indeed of course did a few things and tweaked the lore to make a more interesting plot, so give it a look and see if you would like it!

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If there ever ve another Wolfenstein game, do you think she will make a great villain for it?
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Quick question:
Does anyone here played Wolfenstein or heard of it?

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+Fury Seiker
+Basic Seiker
+CharotheJudgement (not letting me mention you)
+Viola EllenFriendsForever

+Demir The Dragon Tyrant
+Youmu Konpaku
+Matthew Mullinax
((OPEN SPOT!!!!!))

The defenders post first :P this the first poster doesn't have a time limit, but if you do not post near the end of the day, YOU, WILL, BE, LEFT, BEHIND!
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Anyone wishing to be in the event comment here! The viscero mining station is huge! We need multiple leaders to push attacks into the station! And multiple leaders to defend! (This is a multiple post event in other words :P Monday I will mention the people participating max of 4 people from each side can lead an advance or hold defensive... It is up to you how you do so... Remember... On Argov... The only rule is that you can't overwhelm them... Its unfair, which means I will use my siege tank, but it will not be equipped with nuclear weaponry... Also no starships can enter a ON GROUND BATTLE you can however deploy small fighters.

Gender: Unknown(possibly male)
Species: unknown
Age: unknown
Weapons: Bloody Halberd, sharp tentacles, custom minigun, frag and incendiary grenades, flamethrower, and wristblades
Abilities: self regeneration
Bio: First dubbed The Chariot, and created by Dr. Curien during the Mansion incident to protect the lab, but was quickly defeated. After the incident, Mr. Goldman found Chariot's remains and brought them back to his lab. Reborn and later dubbed Kuarl as one half of The Judgement, Kuarl, along with Zeal, were released to cause mayhem in Italy, but was defeated by a group of AMS agents. Kuarl was again revived and cut off the agents and prevent them from entering the Goldman building, but was, again, taken down. Rotting away at the abandoned ruins, Kuarl was discovered by an unknown figure. Taking an interest, he brought him back to his lab. After several tests, he was given a mind, and several new abilities. Now aware about his surroundings, he escape from the lab, killing every single person. Now a wander, he named himself ChariotheJudgement. Chariot wander around, mainly assisting any terrorist organization, last organization was the Legions of the Teddyz. After being defeated and humiliated, he wanders in the sewers, vowing revenge on humanity. Current whereabouts are unknown.
Weaknesses: slow healing,
Side: unknown

Hey there. Since, I didn't hav a profile, I'm gonna make one. It might take a while.

Poll is down Viscero wins :P prepare for the death!

We need more people to vote on the pinned post, so we don't have to have another poll right before Christmas! We have a tie between the two, and if I don't feel like making a post then I'll either discuss with the mods, or decide myself.
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