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///Open RP///
((Please join))

Time: 11:11

A large red trailer pulled up and a girl got out of the passenger seat of the truck that the trailer was being pulled by. She looked around with a sigh before heading towards the trailer she had two halters in her hands. She opened the trailer door and disappeared into the trailer. A few seconds later she came out leading two horses as they looked around she looked around as well. Her brother came out and gave her a hug before driving off.

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Name (horses) Fuego ((Fire)) ka wai ((Water))
Nicknames (For horses): Fue and Aqua
Name (girl): Riley
Age: (Girl) 16
Gender: Female
Gender for the horses: Stallion & Stallion
Breed: Fuego is a Fresian and Ka-wai is an Appolusa
Where they came from: ((All)) Australia ((Becuase why not XD))
Bio ((All)): Riley found these two when they were just colts. The two think of each other as brothers. They do challenge other Stallions at times it never gets bloody though. Fuego is more of a lead stallion while Ka-wai is more passive put both of them together you get somewhat peace...Riley's parents died after she got the two they helped her through it and been by her side ever since.

((Picture by ShadowSpirit020 on @DevinArt))
((Her main horse is Fuego))

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Is It possible for one of my Oc's to have 2 horses at once?

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Name: Audry
Age: 16
Gender: Female
The horse you own: Jupiter
Personality: Kind, Popular, Loving, Sarcastic,
Single or taken: Single
Appearance: Short-ish brown hair.Hazel eyes.
Likes: Horses, MUSIC, Riding in the woods,
Dislikes: Not having music on, Having to be looked down on, BEING WOKEN UP.

BIO: Audry was a very quiet girl until she met Jupiter the first time Jupiter let her ride she was being threatened by a horse and Jupiter stepped in and that's when he was banished from his herd before she took Jupiter in ((That's all I have to Audry rn i'll add once I get more ides :/)

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Name (horse) Jupiter
Name (girl): Audry
Age: (Girl) 16
Gender: Female
Gender for the horse: Stallion
Breed: Friesian Arabian mix
Where they came from: ((Both)) England
Bio ((For Jupiter Audry comes later on because of...her traveling difficulties))
Jupiter was born and bred in England wich lads to his British accent. Jupiter was part of a wild herd before he started to let Audry ride him which went to banishment. Jupiter was fine with that as he lived with Audry for a while until coming to HeartLand

((Unknown artist or I just didn't look in the right place XD I will make Audrys Profile once she is ready to get to HeartLand))

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A blue truck with a black and white trailer pulled up as the trailer stopped you could hear kicking on the walls and neighing Jupiter was rearing inside he had never been in a trailer before he hated it the driver got out and opened the door he quickly slipped the bridle on as Jupiter reared before stomping his hoof following the guy out

//Open RP// +FireFang RedMoon
((Pretend the person is the driver and not Audry))

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States: Open
Time: 9:00 AM

*A truck pulled up to the barn with aare that needing a rehiring and a new owner she was at the shelter for a while until she was brought to horseland. Once the truck got there she started to whinnie looking for her old owner Kora. When a guy came to get her out of the truck her head was down and really didn’t want anything to do with anybody.

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Name (horse): Sundust
Name (human): don’t have one
Age: Sundust is a 4 year old mare
Gender: no human
Gender for the horse: Mare
Breed: American Paint Horse
Where they came from: Georgia, USA
Bio: Sundust she did had a owner but sadly her old owner had passed away. She was put at heartland hoping someone would take her but after being their she still misses her little girl that used to ride her all the time

anyone alive?

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Name (horse): Null (zero in German)
Name (girl): Mit (kera in German)
Age: 10 (girl)
Gender: female
Gender for the horse: stallion
Breed: German warmblood
Where they came from: Belgium Germany
Bio: Null was born blind so his mother abandoned him if it wasnt for Mit he would've died so Mit raised him herself ever since then they have been inseperal but he relies on her with his life at there old ranch he would get bullied for it
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