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"The City of Progress"

Welcome to North Liberty Hills, more commonly known around the county as The City of Progress! We're glad you're here! There are many opportunities for you in this city.

You could become a police officer, and serve in the North Liberty Hills Police Department (NLHPD). Or maybe, you want to expand out a bit. You could always serve as a Sheriff's Deputy, with the Davis County Sheriff's Department, or on the local State Patrol Post.

You could also become a Firefighter, or a Paramedic, if that's your fancy.

There's also civilian jobs, you can do almost anything you want!

Will add more to the above later

Chief of Police; OPEN

County Sheriff; Robert Delywair.

State Police Troop Commander; Major Ben Mitchell

Mayor; OPEN


All I can really say is no spamming/trolling. This is a city roleplay, and I will permit just about everything, including sexual shit.

You also cannot injure or kill another person's character without their permission.

Revival again. 


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As time goes by, Xeritown District has already grown in size, with people already moving in and its square plots start appearing on the map, with the neighborhood's organic-looking classic brick apartment architecture with their courtyards and parks in the middle of them. Only a few plots remain under construction.

The plan also includes people from NLH slums to move into the neighborhood and live a better life. Without causing trouble, of course.

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Ni🅱🅱a what?

Riot time, children?

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For some reason this guy keeps resharing our posts
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Nicholas Shephard


[Date of Birth]
December 7th, 1985



7" 1 (yes, he is 7ft 1)


[Hair Color]
Dark Brown

[Eye Color]
Emerald Colored

Father (Vincent Shephard) - Deceased
Mother (Marian Shephard) - Deceased
Brother (Kyle Shephard) - Missing (Last seen: Berlin, Germany)
Brother (Jacob Shephard) - Alive (Chicago, IL.)

[Relationship Status]
No known spouses, children, or lovers

Nicholas was considered by many to be a calm, loving fellow. His mother and father died in 2014, from which he inherited his father's weapons. In 2015, his brother went missing in Berlin, which had greatly worried him. He sent out on a quest to Europe to find him, but to no avail. When he returned home, he got a letter in the mail that said someone found his brother and asked for him to be picked up. He set off, but unsure, so he took his four gun one bat arsenal along with him. During this time, his house had been repossesed. The sender lived in North Liberty Hills. When he arrived, he was kidnapped by the sender's family. In his escape, he killed the sender of the letter's parents and sister in self defense as they tried to keep him in. He escaped to his car, grabbed his arsenal, killed the sender, only to find out his brother was still somewhere in Berlin. When he left, he found that his car was destroyed by the sender's brother. Too weary to fight, he escaped with his arsenal into North Liberty Hills to fight another day. When he counted, he found that he was kidnapped for 28 hours, 12 of which he was knocked unconcious for.

[Weaponry owned]
Mk-16 Mod 0 "SCAR-L"
(2.5x ACOG Scope, Extended Barrel, Jet Black)
Glock Model 20 "G20"
(Subsonic AP 10mm, Glowing Iron Sights)
Ithaca Model 37 "M37" Nicknamed "Grandpa Jack"
(Heatshield, Glowing Iron Sights)
Franchi SPAZ-12 "SPZ12", Nicknamed "Clever"
(Folding Stock, Glowing Iron Sights, Bayonet Support)
Aluminum Baseball Bat, Nicknamed "Fratricide"

[Vehicles owned]

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Let's have a riot occur and have all units respond to it.

It'll probably boost activity.

[North Liberty Hills Fire Department]

{Stations and Unit Assignments}

Station Eleven, Inner City Co. 11 "The Big House"

Rescue Engine Eleven, 2016 Pierce Impel Pumper.

Truck Company Eleven, 2011 Pierce Arrow XT 100' Aluminum Platform Tower Ladder.

Squad Eleven, 2012 KME Wildland Ridgerunner.

Car Eleven, 2007 Ford Expedition.

Station Four, Industrial District Co. 4 "Pipefitters"

Will be finished later
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