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The Game you have been waiting for ....Open World VR

A gdzie można kupić szkiełko do VR

Jak kto ma propozycję to proszę w komętarzach pisać.

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VR Killer Clown Horror Ride

VR Killer Clown Horror Ride is a horror rollercoaster ride for your VR glasses. On our rollercoaster ride you will see dark abandoned and haunted city filled with evil killer clowns that escaped the Circus. Police force and this city are defenseless until those criminals are arrested or dead.
• animated killer clowns
• fireworks
• scary city
• horror circus background music

#gamedev #indiedev #googlevr #VR #virtualreality #daydream #cardboard

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Types of Virtual Reality Capture Methods That Allow You To Replicate The Real World

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Google Cardboard needs to have adjustable IPD to get rid of the double vision effect. 

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VR Mission Mars Expedition

VR Mission Mars Expedition is a space exploration journey ride on planet Mars. Enjoy a space relaxation thrill ride on the surface of Mars. There is a lot of sand storms and a deserted space station in there. You can also find martians running around. Become a space astronaut, enjoy the beautiful land of Mars and explore our solar system.
You don't need any joypad to play our game. Game works with all VR glasses like Google Cardboard, DODOcase, Durovis Dive etc.

#gamedev #indiedev #vr #daydream #cardboard #virtualreality

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