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Fuel Network International

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Get Paid To Give away Fuel
Fuel Network International.... where we show people how to receive fuel for FREE (and EARN!)
We are in top position.... lock your spot right NOW!
Take a hard look at this right now, it's something different and I think it could make some very good money.... 
Visit NOW: http://join.fuelnetworkint.com/


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This is something that should really appeal to Everyone!  

Gas Savings without having to put pills or additives will change the way people save on gas.  Imagined being able to give away free Fuel Savings Cards.  

Please review the information and let me know if you would like to join on the 16th.  

I have a top position, so that means you will have massive spill down one leg.

Welcome to Fuel Network International where we show people how to receive Fuel For FREE! 
We all have had pain at the pump no matter where we live around the world from New York to Los Angeles or London to Tokyo especially when gas prices are on the rise. As a Global Member you will receive Fifty-Two $5 Member Fuel Cards, one for each week of your annual membership for a total savings of $260.
Each Member Fuel Card has a savings of 25 cents a gallon on up to 20 gallons a week and can be redeemed online from anywhere around the world.  Each week you simply Redeem your Member Fuel Card online by entering information from your fuel receipt including the date, name and address of the fuel station, grade of fuel, method of payment, and gallons used. Your savings are PAID INSTANTLY and you NEVER have to mail any special forms or receipts.  The Instant Savings are as easy as Pump and Go!
As a Global Affiliate you can earn up to $10,000 A DAY through our INSTANT PAY Multi Positional Binary Network Marketing Compensation Plan that pays $20 when you Cycle with just One New Membership Sale on Each Team starting with the second cycle of each day.  Your First cycle of Each Day will automatically give you Four $5 Fuel Promotional Cards which you can use to sign up others and even redeem yourself up to $3640 in FREE FUEL for the year!  Promotional Fuel Cards redemptions NEVER need receipts.
When Our Website goes Live on September 16th 2013 
Your First step is to sign up as a Global Affiliate RIGHT AWAY for FREE by simply clicking on the GREEN SIGN UP link on the sign up page, when our website goes LIVE.  You will be enrolled under the person who shared this opportunity with you.  Once you are signed up you can then INSTANTLY Redeem your FREE Promotional or Activation Fuel Card from your sponsor to your Solid Trust Pay account or simply Activate your Annual Membership subscription for ONLY $125 which gives you access to more than DOUBLE your money back in savings on something you are already doing, Pumping Gas!  Once Activated you will begin to generate sales volume under you.
You can INSTANTLY receive Two $5 Fuel  Activation Cards for your First Two sign ups, Maintain your ongoing binary volume beyond the standard 30 day period and be Positioned in the Leadership Bonus Pool when you Register for the Fuel Card Marketing System which includes access to this Video Splash page page and autoresponders.  The Bonus Pool pays out over $70,000 per Week through ourResidual Back End 2x15 Matrix!  This is all available for only $2 a day which is less than a cup of coffee to help build your business on a global scale.
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