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Name: Knight
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Species: Night Fury
Mate: NightShade +Angel Cody
Babies: over hundred in all
Siblings: unknown
Parents: unknown
Island born on: unknown
Speed: unknown
Bio: can't remember his past, all he can remember is crashing landing into a forest and was about to killed by some creatures that lurks the forest but NightShade came and saved him. He's also Secretly a Legendary Night fury but no body knows and Mated with NightShade at least 4 times.
Personality: Hates humans riding him, Likes making new friends and loves Salmon but hates eels
Strength: NightShades Love
Weakness: tries to do things on his own and refuses help
Body Type: Slim and Sexy and his muscles are shown easily

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The power that i can hold!!!

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((I made a account a long time ago on here but I can't get into it so I had to make a new account))

name: Dashingstar
nicknames: Dashy, Dash, Star
species: night fury
age: 20
gender: female
mate: looking (ask)
crush: toothless
babys: none (ask)
home: looking
personality: nice, kind, agressive, protective
mother: unknown (ask)
father: unknown (ask)
brother(s): unknown (ask)
sister(s): unknown (ask)
glow color: light blue
tamed: no
rider: none
dangerous: yes (to humans) no (to dragons)
bio: when she was a baby she wonder off and she lost her family and found out how to hunt and live by herself
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same with this one. traced and not finished. going to add more later on. Did the butterfly though 

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i had traced the night fury. i did everything else. it is not quite finished yet.

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here is the cover of the book.

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this is little Eli, the main character.

I love night fury!~~
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