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God in prison: A ministry of confrontation and mercy

One of the corporal works of mercy is visiting “the sick and imprisoned” and as the Year of Mercy draws to a close, Aleteia visited with Fr. Roger Reader, Prison Adviser for the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales. Fr. Reader calls it “a privilege to work with people in prison; it’s an extraordinary environment where you would think the hope had gone.”

Instead, in prison, hope is something that must be re-discovered. “In a way someone is told that going to prison is for 5 year, maybe for 10 years, maybe for the rest of their natural life, and they will have found themselves separated from their loved ones, their family and all that is important to them,” he says. “You would think they would lose hope, but I find that in prison there is hope. There can be hope, and it is absolutely a privilege to talk to people for whom the Gospel is so new, and so fresh. A lot of them come from a very secular background, and they will not have had much of a Catholic upbringing.”

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1. Keep posts free of profanity. If you can't figure out how to express your point with out it...step away from the keyboard for a bit until you can.

2. Most of us here are pro-life and have seen aborted babies. Please don't post such pics here. Instead, post to a website, like Priests for Life, which have those pics and people can go see if they wish.

3. No bashing. This community was started due to the bashing, deleting, and banning Catholics got on other sites that allow it. Refute ideas, refrain from personal attacks.

4. OPs and articles muckraking the Church hierarchy will not be allowed for several reasons:

a. There are already plenty of sites that go into the gory detail of bishops doing wrong, for those interested.

b. The proper way of dealing with bishops and priests in error or committing wrong is for the parish or people of a diocese to deal with the problem. The only thing such OPs do is bring rancor and division.

c. No Catholic thinks any bishop is perfect. We all know there are bad apples. But most bishops and priest are good and faithful shepherds. Concentrating only on the bad gives the false impression that most are bad. This is, again, divisive as well as demoralizing to the faithful causing anger, fear, and doubt without merit.

5. The Pope is the vicar of Christ on earth. As Catholics, we believe that the Holy Spirit guided the conclave to choose him; that the Holy Spirit came down upon him in a special way to help him lead the Church; that the Holy Spirit continues to guide him; that Jesus continues to watch over the Church. We must remember that Judas did NOT end up in a position of authority, therefore we can trust that Jesus will NOT allow a Judas to occupy the chair of Peter. No pope has ever changed Church doctrine, and no pope ever will. Jesus Christ protects His Church.

6. OPs respectfully disagreeing with particular solutions to the various issues of the day are ok. Assume the best intentions behind solutions offered by the Pope, bishops and priests, and offer alternatives in the same vein.

Division comes from the devil. Doubt comes from the devil. There is plenty of tearing down all over the Internet and the media. Only the devil is served by that.

This community seeks to present OPs that help each of us draw closer to Christ, closer to our priests and bishops so together, with the guidance of the Pope, we, the people of God can do His will, as He wills.

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