"It took the longest time for me to sign up as a monitor for the Live Business Center but I was finally convinced that it would be worthwhile. There were many factors I had to work through before I made up my mind, but I'm glad I did. Doing webinars was no problem - I did it for years when I was in the corporate world, and I am quite comfortable on camera, in front of an audience of hundreds, and as a teacher, to my students. Since I retired, I miss the day to day interaction with people. I get mired in the day to day technical maelstrom of my business. I don't have a "team" to do this for me - it's all on me. I miss working with my "network" of technical resources I so depended on every day - they all retired the same day I did. I miss customers and building business cases that demonstrate the value a product or service can have to their business, and the thrill of a big "win". After being a monitor for over a month and a half, I find it tremendously rewarding -- I like interacting with guests in the LBC. I find Dr. Lant very interesting, and it is an honor to be given the opportunity to work with him. The "extras" are great also. I have been attributed with 7 sales for our members, and have acquired 169 new associates to my own prospect manager. Better than ANY list building program I have been involved with ANYWHERE. All for just talking with folks and telling them about the benefits I have realized for quite awhile, almost two years, both as a Platinum VIP and also as a Silver member. While Worldprofit is not my "primary business" per se, I use the tools, traffic, and products from Worldprofit absolutely EVERY DAY in my business. I did not have to write the tools I need myself, as I did for many years, rather George has created such a plethora of wonderful tools, techniques, and programs - saves me so much time and each gives me such a predictable outcome. There is just SO MUCH great stuff here, and people do not understand what they are missing. If they are serious about starting a home business, this is the place to be.

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