Does anyone know how to do a story with my photo gallery? Ive seen wedding photographers do it and they put them on fb, it looks really nice but are there templates?

I recently got a camera, not as good as the one I wanted but I thought it would do. Now i'm in a tiff. What do I do about blurring out the background for my portrait photos when the lowest my f-stop goes to is 5?

Hello. I recently participated in a photoshoot with a girlfriend who is a professional photographer. We have shot together before, mostly for fun as I enjoy artistic matters. Neither of us signed a release, and I am asking for raw photos as I am a cosmetologist, providing hair, makeup, and wardrobe for this particular shoot. The photos would be great for my portfolio as well. I also have experience in editing and we don’t always see eye to eye on how the photos should end up. There is a little tension about her giving me the raw photos, unedited because she shot the work. I believe I brought just as much to the table as her for this collab. What are the thoughts on this? Nothing was discussed beforehand, my mistake. I of course, if posting would credit her, and if edited on my own, state that information as well. No money was exchanged.

Anyone here uses lightroom cracked?
Because now I m having troubles installing lightroom now I can't use trial i'v tryed many things but nothing simes to work anyone has a solution without buying lightroom

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Hey my name is Andrew and I’m 17 years old I’m always been interested by camera and photography but I never really did anything about that interest never took photography at school and now I’m homeschooled and they don’t have classes like that. But now I want to get into it like actually do something about it I have a canon Ae-1 I really like the design of it and I thing film is cool like really cool but I’m have a hard time understanding Aperture like how do you know what level to use and when you use a certain level and shutter speed I’m eh on but I’ve read things about it watched videos on it but I still don’t really get it by the way I didn’t but my camera I found it in my grandmas attic and I asked her if I could have it she said yes but I don’t really know if I should use that camera or digital camera like what would be the best for me to learn on and build my skill and if you guys recommend digital cameras what kind should I get also how do I know what lens to use I will probably have more questions but I can’t think of more right now it’s like 2 in the morning but if you guys could help me out I’m really interested in it and I don’t really know how to use this google + so idk if I’m posting this in the right place but sorry for making this so long and asking do many questions but if you could help me i would appreciate it have a nice day/night

I have a question , my dad is really good with film photography back in the day and really wants to transfer to the "new" digital cameras . I've gotten feed from a couple of people but would a cannon rebel T6 be a good starter camera for him ? Hes mostly shooting family pictures, portraits, and stuff like that. I would use some feedback please

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