Stitching 20 images together on three rows (using MS ICE) because Lightroom keeps crashing - turned out ok?! hmmm original file is 160MB lol can't load that so here is a slimmed down version!!! 

I recently found a vertically mounted camera cleaning out some storage. I believe it is used in graphic imaging, for enlarging prints from %20-%500.
It's marked with AGFA-GAVAERT RPS 1218 mini.
I'm very surprised I can't find anything about it online!
Does anyone here have any clue, leads, or information on what this is, exactly, if it's still in use today, and if it holds any value?
Thank you.

When stitching images together for Landscape pics - is there an "optimum" size or does anything go??? At what point would it be to long and narrow??? is there a "standard" to aim for?

I am just starting to get into photography and am going to buy my first mac computer. I have been reading a lot of articles about laptops vs desktops. It seems that desk tops are best for editing. But I will be traveling a lot and think about laptop would be best for me. Just wondering if a laptop would get the job done well enough for a beginner?

help! I have a nikon D5200 and just got a 105mm AF f2.8 micro-nikkor lens and I am having trouble getting the hang of it. I have done a lot of research about this lens being able to get close enough to get clear trichomes on a plant.
I really dont want to return it, I want to make sure it will do what im needing it to do (once i learn of course) but I only have 30 days to decide!.

I'm working on my portfolio and it's mainly for fashion photography. Do you know any good locations to take vintage photos in Mississauga?

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UPDATED January 20, 2017: A comprehensive comparison between Lightroom (Lr) Photo Merge DNG versus 32-bit floating point TIFF

In July, 2015 I created a post showing comprehensive comparisons between Lr 6.1 Photo Merge HDR (DNG) versus 32-bit floating point TIFFs created in Photomatix. I have continued to use the Photo Merge feature regularly and always keeping Lr updated along the way. Today I am using Lr CC 2015.8 and I thought it was time to update my previous observations. The results may (still) surprise you ...

I'm currently trying to enroll into a school for photography. But im having trouble trying to find the perfect school. Anyone have any suggestions to what I should be looking for to help narrow my options?

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Pic taken at an Eilat hotel (in Southern Israel )

This for me , looks like the personification of a rock guitarist

kit lens used

I'm very new to the world of photography although ironically I sell Cameras for a living as part of my job, I have almost no experience of using them in recent times.
Anyway just thought I'd pop up and say hello.
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