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My Partner In Crime

Hello there everyone I'm orlando as you can see i am just a person that likes to take pictures of pretty things i have
-Nikon 3300
-35mm f/1.8
still learning my camera if you have any tips on how should i get started it would be helpful thank you

Hi guys I need some advice. I own the Sony a6300 and am looking for the best interior lens? Something wide angle but doesn’t distort too much? Mid price range preferably?

Thanks so much

Hello guys! Big taugh question. I would like to change my camera. I come from D7000. And i’m not sure between:

Nikon D850

I do travel photography, landscapes, wildlife, street photography. 👌🏽

What would u advice? Thank you so much people

Hey everyone, looking to find some photographers here to share ideas, concepts and just talk about photography. You can check at my work at

I do weddings at the moment but also do landscapes on my spare time.

Come and introduce yourself :P

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hey guys and gals, I'm sorry if this is taboo... A million people a day must come in asking what I am asking. But I'm looking to buy a dslr around a 1000 dollar budget, I need a mic input, I can rig up the audio monitor, I think.. also just a solid camera.. I was thinking about the canon t6s .. Is this a bad Idea, my research tells me it's the good choice, but there's so many things I can't think of until I own it to ask.

hey guys im 14 years old and im really interested in photography and I just really wanted to know ur opinin about my photography you can check it out on my Instagram its mindz_photography_op and I would really love ur advice and I would really appreciate it if also drop a follow on there :)

Hi All, When i need to start printing photos for clients where is the best place to go to have these done in different sizes and if they need to be framed etc at a cost effective price please and decent quality?

Hi! I took family photos and they are not sharp at all, even though they looked ok at the time. I’ve tried editing in Lightroom and Pixelmator but now they look cheesy and pixelated when printed. Help!
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