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It has been a while - touring with my sister - had time to snap this beauty of a landscape near flock Hill Station ! Not bad for a Phone Panorama?! 

Hello, My name is Parker and I have a few question to ask if any body is willing to help me

Stitching 20 images together on three rows (using MS ICE) because Lightroom keeps crashing - turned out ok?! hmmm original file is 160MB lol can't load that so here is a slimmed down version!!! 

When stitching images together for Landscape pics - is there an "optimum" size or does anything go??? At what point would it be to long and narrow??? is there a "standard" to aim for?

While I work in video production, when it comes to photograpy I'm mostly a hobbyist who is still learning the ins and outs of my dslr. Recently I agreed to shoot some photos for the owner of the yoga studio I attend. When I saw the images I was to emulate it seemed simple enough which is why I agreed to do it. Since then, things have gotten complex. We've gone from shooting on a blank wall in the studio to shooting on a white backdrop infinity style. Does anyone have any advice for a freaked out novice? 

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i been working on my photography for some time now i think i got the idea of manual settings take a look tell me what you think

s'pose this might be a silly question - can you shoot in raw and then do a HDR as well?????  Is there a need to go to Raw if you also do post production HDR????

I keep going between putting my watermarks on digital images and not. What is everyone's opinion on watermarking final digital images for a client?

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So I'm new to photography and was hoping for advice these are my first photos . p.s. I'm only 13..... Please help not sure I want a career in this
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Hi i am a  new photographer and i am in the process of buying a new camera is this a good camera. Nikon D3200 24.2MP
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