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In this community we use the three strikes system. For all of these rules, punishment is listed in the description. Please read through these carefully. Three repeats of basic infractions will be grounds for an expulsion from this community.


1. No Spamming
Spam, (i.e. repost or die, reshape if you can read, unrelated content, etc.) will be treated with minimal tolerance. One strike will be assigned per infraction. Please tag a mod if you see any spam.

2. No Godmodding/Asking to be a mod
While we appreciate initiative, we are very busy people. We will accept mod applications from time to time. Punishment is one strike per occurrence.

3. No PG-13 content unless notated at the top of an RP.
Punishment is two strikes

4. Do not post in the community if you are not here to Roleplay.
Punishment is two strikes.

5. Please post in the correct category. If you're not sure where something goes, just ask!

6. Be kind, friendly, and helpful. Bullying will not be tolerated and will lead to a permanent ban.

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8. Mods, please ask before doing anything except approving a profile. If the profile seems questionable, ask.

9. Your profile MUST be approved BY A MOD before you may begin roleplaying.

10. Commenting must be enabled on all posts.

+An Elven Fangirl
+Laurie Becktel

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Sits in the waiting room

((Open RP))

Aurora is walking through the market on her way home, having returned from another meeting with Grevin. This time she had been called to observe the initiation of a new member. With a sigh, she turns off the main street and begins walking towards a small cabin that can be seen in the distance.

Novus wakes up in the middle of the night, his cloud floating above one of the castles balcony. He gets off of it and looks around, rubbing his eyes. As he slowly gathers his wits, he realizes were he is standing and frowns did you have to bring me here? The angel sighs and shrugs, than opens the door to enter the castle and walks in

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[Theme and Quotes]
"Tell me, are these...friends of yours....good to you?"
"What do you mean? I'm not sure I really understand."

[General Identity]

Name: Lydia Koliope
Nicknames/Alias: N/A
Age: 15
Gender: female
Sexuaulity: heterosexual
Species: half-mermaid
What part of Edoini they live in: upper west beyond the village, also the academy
Born there or sailed: born
Side: good


Hair Colour/Features: Natural blonde but hair changes to a blue/green color sequence
Eye Colour: brown
Height: 5' 6"
Personality: happy, bubbly, bookwormish, mischievous
Likes and interests: books, pranks
Dislikes: asparagus, sometimes she hates the water, trash
Appearance: natural blonde hair, hair turns green/blue in water, brown eyes, and kinda tall
Allergies: dog fur
Disabilities: N/A

[Combat and Abilities]

Weapons/Tools: she keeps a small silver dagger on her person

Powers {If any} turning into a mermaid and back into a human

Bio: Lydia is the daughter of Peter Kimmles, a man, and Meri Dova, a mermaid turned human for a short period of time. She never really knew her Dad until she was old enough to walk out of the water with her mother. She was 4.

Everything was fine, that was until the mermaids of where they lived became too dangerous. They disgraced the family because of the young girls blood, and she was sent on land to live with her father.

The man tried his best to care for the child, taking her to the water to cool the calling from the water, and see her mother.

It was around that time she grew up, now 8 and completely aware of what was happening in her family's waterbed. Late one night, when she was 13, she snuck out to answer her water calling. Under the night sky, she silently slipped into the water.

Her mother emerged from the water, in a frenzy and panic. She pushed the girl out of the water, and told the girl to leave. The other mermaids were looking for her and she needed to run. And with that, a splash came, sucking her mother under water and away from view.

Her father came running out, already panicked at the disappearance of his daughter, but was too late. Meri was already gone from sight and Lydia sat silently, alone, at the waters edge.

Believing that a new life, away from the ocean would do the young mermaid good, Peter sent her away, to a school away from their home. She now lives in the school, but still writes to her father everyday.

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Name: Novus Esnos
Nicknames/Alias: N
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Sexuaulity: straight
Species: Angel
What part of Edoini they live in: A cloud that floats around randomly.
Born there or sailed: Born and died.
Side: neutral


Hair Colour/Features: Black
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: (required) 1.8m
Personality: flirtatiouse, impatiant, cheerfull, hyperactive
Likes and interests: magic, dueling, flying.
Dislikes: heaven, wars, bieng put under pressure
Disabilities: PDAD (post death angelic disorder.) (That was a joke by the way)

[Combat and Abilities]

Weapons/Tools: A pure white sword that eminates light and intense heat.

Powers {If any}: cryomancy, flight.

After he was killed by a group of barbarians that attacked his village, novus was sent to heaven. After heaven decided to align to good, novus left, not willing to pick a side. Now, he is an angel with a relitivly high bounty on his head that fights for what he believes in, never stocking to one ideology.
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(sorry for the horrible starter)

The water splashed as the early morning sun had risen. The teenagers blue and green tail swished delicately under the water as she swam to the edge of the lake.

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This community is pretty much dead so I'm just gonna post this then leave

((have to ask also come up with a reason why you're there))

Bree having nothing to do went to royal academy at night. She went through the door and walked. So quiet when this place is deserted, well except for the dorms but they're probably sleeping. She went to the library and sat down in one of chairs and started to read. 

((Open to anyone who attends the Royal Academy.))
Dúon slips into the Royal Academy unnoticed. He uses to shadows of the early morning to slip down the hallway and quietly pushes open the door leading to the library. The elf enters the library and walks quickly to a small table at the back of the room, grabbing a random book as he walks over to the table.
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