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I've added a new category for "Not Entirely Open Source Final Edits" for those who may need to use something non open source to get the result they want.

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I have recently started to routinely provide AppImage packages for several photography-related Open-Source projects.
Such packages allow Linux users to use the bleeding-edge versions of the corresponding programs without having to install unstable packages and/or fiddle with PPAs.
The AppImage packages are self-contained bundles that do not interfere with your base system, even when they require newer libraries. In such case, the libraries are contained in the bundled and automatically loaded by the AppImage (and only by it).

Using an AppImage package is simple:
* download the package
* make it executable, either via "chmod u+x" or using your preferred file manager
* run the package as any other executable file
That's it!

Here is the list of packages that I am maintaining:
* RawTherapee:
* PhotoFlow:
* HDRMerge:
* LuminanceHDR:

For reliability and security reasons, all packages are built automatically on Travis CI.

Enjoy your edits!

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New [PlayRaw] "Eating cicchetti with ghosts in Venezia"

Thank you Sebastien Guyader for sharing this wondeful view for anyone to process and share their results!

#FOSS #photography #playraw #FreeSoftware

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New PlayRaw on the forum! Sdr. Lyngvig by Thomas

Come grab the file and show us how you'd process this view of Denmark and the North Sea (or check out how others approached it)!

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Original Photograph by Brian Innes
URL for Original and Attribution:

Creative Commons License:

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A new PlayRaw file from Brian Innes for everyone to get and share how they'd process! Come show us your results (or check out some others)!

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New to the group so I just have a basic question. Is this group to help show what can be done with Darktable and such, where teaching how the most from a raw image can be attained? Or is this to show off skills as in who can do it best?
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