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Hey guys sorry I've been rather absent. Going thru lots of life transitions but it's all good. Currently finishing up week 7 I think 🤷🏼‍♀️lol but I will be writing a blog post soon about it. Lots of new things going on and yet to come.
This past week or so I've been doing intuitive eating because honestly I have lost my appetite for a while now. Still hungry but not wanting to eat. Also changed up my exercise routine a bit. I'll be sure to write all about it in my next blog post 👍👍

Finally got in a workout last night since a week off. It was nice. I feel motivated again ☺️

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I want to share personal success. While I haven't made it back to the gym I have been doing my PT exercises and yesterday I went to the baseball game with a good friend of mine and we walked over 6 miles. My work has a program that we wear a pedometer that they supply and make the daily challenge 60 out of 90 days and we get a bonus at the end of the quarter and I am back to making it. I got 4 out of the last 5 days. I'm a 1/3 of the way there and have 54 days to make the daily goal 39 more times. The daily challenge is 9,000 steps or 145 minutes of activity.

Anybody here ever heard of The Korean Skincare Routine??

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So, last couple weeks have been a bit back and forth. I've run the past three days, and I started using the Nike + Run Club app which has been super helpful. On Sunday, I managed to run ~8:45 mile, which I was psyched about! Yesterday and today were less favorable with the weather and I went past 9:00 per mile, but hey, what are ya gonna do. I think I'd like to work towards being consistently around 9:00 for every run.

I've also decided to stop worrying so much about working on abs, and this has made it much easier to throw in new exercises. It also opens up ~15 mins in my workouts, so I can either shorten the workout itself, spend more time on something else, or add in another exercise.

On Sunday, after my run, I finally did yoga for the first time, and I probably looked hilarious, but it was actually really fun! Those stretches are like ambien to me, and it's really easy to relax into it. My joints are honestly still cracking, lol.

Some videos I've referenced recently:

Yoga For Beginners:

Total Arm Workout:

Full Body Workout Routine:

10 Min Intense Ab Workout:

I went to PT last night and am so sore today. Most of my exercising have been the ones that they have given me. I haven't made it to the gym since last week and feel every bit of it. Hoping that next week will be better. Between the PT and getting food poisoning this last week has just been rough.

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I made it to the gym last night for the first time post walk thru. It was not such a good time. I figured that I would swim some laps, I love swimming and being in the water.... So I get in the pool and am moving lanes I kick the wall with the top of my foot and have a nice bruise to show for it. I did 3 lengths of the pool and was done...
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