Shaken up. Stretched thin. Sustained by His grace.
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“TV doesn't go with holiness. 
 TV started with the devil and its still of the devil.”
- Lester Roloff
>>Doubt this?  Do a serious search behind the founders of Hollywood. <<
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Roy learns what REAL fun is from his uncle in this week's Homeschool Story Time. #homeschool #storytime
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Lynda Ackert

Discussion  - 
Are you ready for March? Get ready with LOTS OF GREAT DOWNLOADS for PreK - 3rd Grades! Download Club members can download all of these and more @

Not a download club member? You can purchase these separately @ -- However, for the cost of purchasing these, you could join the download club for an entire year and save all year long!!

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I need to be a learner
In the great school of the Lord.
To be absent or miss class
Are “cuts” I can’t afford.
What does He want to teach me?
What lesson I’ve not learned?
Oh, help me Teacher, to see
The points o’er which YOU yearned.    - eab, 2/13/07
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Give me, I pray Thee, eyes fit for eternity,
Ears that hear, beyond the years,
And a heart that throbs near God.
Grant me hands that reach, across sin's breach.
Feet that the wayward meet,
Helping to heaven, above sod.
- eab, Jan. ‘76
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Benjamin Franklin was born #OnThisDate  1/17/1706 in Boston, the 10th son of Josiah and Abiah (Folger) Franklin. Josiah had wanted Ben to be a minister but as he could not afford the schooling, Ben was apprenticed to a printer.  Ben went on to “play” with lightning, be an inventor, represent the US in Europe and influence his age.  He died 4/17/1790.
Franklin quotes:
“How many observe Christ's birthday!  How few, His precepts!”
“Tis a great confidence in a friend to tell him your faults;  greater to tell him his.”
“Many people die at twenty five and aren't buried until they are seventy five.”
“He that can have patience can have what he will.”
>> Disclaimer - Franklin seems to lack in a commitment to Christ (which most souls included in #OnThisDate have had).  Of course, I am no man’s judge.  I hope Ben is heaven.  If you have positive “proof” he was a Christian please give a reference.  Some may not like this disclaimer but I take Mat 7.18 seriously.  Franklin’s inclusion therefore is not approval of his life nor his “letters.” <<
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The great, gray sea churns and froths at me,
And all I see from shore,
Is the same as before.
Of ships it is bare,
No bobbing lights there.
The great gray sea.
- eab, Jan. ’68
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God is in the future. God is in the past.
We have only the present and it goes by so fast.
The future lies before us, stretching out of sight.
The past days are opposite; back before there was light.
               - eab, 1/11/07       
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Happy New Year to all of you!
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God bless. I'm Bob Jones, God's love-slave ambassador. Homeschool moms, I invete you to use my gospel articles with your children & on www as part of your vital ministry of faith and love.
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1st ‪#‎Homeschool‬ giveaway of the NEW YEAR!
** Giveaway Dates: Dec. 29th - Jan. 2nd **
Over $800 in prizes - 14 winners
Enter @
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About this community

Ever feel like your homeschool exists inside a snow globe and someone has picked it up, shaken it and left you upside down? Yeah, me too. This community is for YOU, homeschooling moms! We are here to support and encourage each other every step of the way!
Mommy Bloggers: this week's Mom 2 Mom Encouragement Party is NOW live for the entire week!!!

Don't miss some of this week's amazing features: Reese's No Bake Cheesecake, Homeschooling Lap Books Intro, Inspiration Through Hardship & so much more!

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The Mom 2 Mom Encouragement Link Up Party & welcome everyone to another week at the blog party!!! Again, we had an amazing number of posts shared (OVER 375 links last week! Amazing!) Again, a big huge THANKS to everyone ...
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There has always been (NT & since) a line between believers & the state. God & “Caesar” are not partners.
It’s a mistaken mind which seeks to erase that line. 
No Christian Entity needs (or should desire) the approval of a state. 
State - “christian” coalitions can be dangerous.  - 2/26/15    #eabit
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Comprehensive free math placement test program. It identifies any learning gaps for all major math concepts and gives you pretty nice progress reports. Check it out here:
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Looking to change up your phonics/reading program? We loved Explode the Code, and here is how it improved my daughter's reading level....     #earlyreading   #spelling  
Thanks for stopping by!  I am glad that you are here.  I invite you to follow me on google plus at +Betsy Sproger Do you have a young learner who is eager to learn to read? Are you looking for a good, easy-to-use, phoni...
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Coral's Book: Marshmallow Girl Saves the Day
Marshmallow Girl Saves the Day, by Coral This is Marshmallow Girl. She has a stinger. OUCH!! She is a superhero. Oh no! Bank Robbers! Marshmallow Girl to the rescue! The bank robbers are defeated. HEY! Marshmallow girl saves the day. Yes, I know I misspelle...
Marshmallow Girl Saves the Day, by Coral This is Marshmallow Girl. She has a stinger. OUCH!! She is a superhero. Oh no! Bank Robbers! Marshmallow Girl to the rescue! The bank robbers are defeated. HEY! Marshma...
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You met a new friend
On school’s first day.
You studied together
Then went out to play.
One or both graduated,
Or perhaps you moved away.
Where is that lad now?
Is he a man with good pay?
And if you were to met again
Whatever would you say?
               - eab, 1/7/08
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Pathogens, Civilization's Progress & Holy Terror:  A Brief Look at William
McNeill's GROUNDBREAKING work on Pestilence, Progress & Holy War #Chemistry   #Microbiology   #War   #History
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