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Welcome everyone!

This is Azu here, owner of Kingdom Hearts Universe RP. I'm here to help with any questions or needs that aren't answered with all of the links to the right of this post. Speaking of which, those links should have everything you need, so please read through each of them. After that, make a profile and RP! Or update us with Kingdom Hearts news! This is the place for everything Kingdom Hearts, memes, RPing, Fanfics, OC stories everything! So get out there and have some fun!
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This comunity diiiiied.

RIP everybody.

Well might as well stay because I'm such a huge fan of kingdom hearts

Welp, anyone else think we have no chance of bringing this place back to life but want to try anyway?

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Alright, I decided to make our own sponsporship community, because why not? And it seemed like a good idea on connecting all my communities and helping with others. I'd like you guys to join.

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When you come back to the comm and check the members, and see over  a hundred spam accounts:
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Aye, lemme get Lost Memory pls-

+Azubuike Enitan

//Profile template!\\



Voice:Roxas like voice


Sexual Orientation:BiSexual

Place of Origin.:The World That Never Was

Family: Alex shakes his head

Disabilities: Besides the fact of not having a heart


Gender: Male

Persona: Silent rarely speaks,Kind,Helpful

Anima: Loud,Rude,Uncaring

Alignment:I walk the road to Dawn

Appearance: 4,1 height
Brown eyes
Black hair
Hispanic skin

(For Nobodies) Affinity:Shadows.....I love the dark and.....Mimicry

(For Nobodies) Weapon:Control of your and his shadows

(For Nobodies) Heartless Summon:Shadows yes the weak one but this one is sometimes able to vault over your attacks and has higher speed then the original its also able to copy your magic moves

(For Nobodies) Lower Nobody:
It takes the appearance of you then proceeds to copy your every move and attack you'll have to outsmart this one
It looks like you

Limit Break:Thousands of Mirrors will appear and take on my appearence then all of them will attack on my command. 

My shot lock is launching balls of shadow at you then I aim up and launch one humongous Shadow ball once it gets high enough it will fall down towards you

Battle Style:He thinks and analyzes once done then he'll attack

Weaknesses:When you show sad emotions Alex will break down becoming unable to fight hell stay there and cry,sometimes he talks to himself and even gets into arguments when this happens he's completely open

Bio:Alex was terrified when he found out he was now a Nobody he couldn't comprehend it and spiraled into madness but after meeting and befriending many other beings he locked the madness away.....not completely though

Build Plate:

[[ Wasn't I already a moderator? What happened..? ]]
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