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Rules of this community:
-Don't swear at all. Please.
-Please, nothing too gory.
-Don't steal art unless the creator says you can borrow templates.
-I recommend that you don't call yourself a bad drawer, because everyone is a good drawer, and I admire every drawing.

Please, don't be afraid to show people your great art work!
Make sure to invite friends as well. Enjoy!

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Doing one free picture! First person to comment get a free drawing!
Please tag me with a picture of what you want drawn! (Examples are shown)
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Hey guys! Welcome to another art contest! So first I will present you with the prizes!

First: Purple long spiked collar.
Second: Yellow short collar.
Third: Green short spiked collar.

1. No bases, no tracing, must be your own art.
2. Anybody who does uses a base will be immediately disqualified. 
3. Do NOT draw the pet.
4. You MUST tag me, otherwise I may not see it. If you cant please tell me in the comments so i can look on your page/profile/channel.
5. You can do it on paper or digital ( Digitally is preferable and will score you extra points unless you have an extremely well done paper work piece.

The due date is not confirmed. I will tell all when it is certified

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Happy fathers' day!
This took 3 hours!
I also take commissions!

+Monnly Mon +TheCupcakecutie57 +wildtiger543 aj +Margaret Shelley-Smith +Waffle The Wolf +Shimmer Loon +Nepeta Leijon +Frost Tail +Crimson Nexoria +Kitty Adore 
This is a contest to be a moderator or owner
You can draw any animal as long as it is an animal of a jammer
(ex: Kosho, WisteriaMoon, WootMoo, Aparri, annabella198, Djroxanne310, sammy99311 ETC.)
Best gets the rank!
1ST: Owner rank and 1 okay item
2ND: Mod. rank and 1 okay (ish) item
3RD: Mod.

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I am now starting my first "Request Fest"!
Since this is a new thing that I am doing, I will tell what is going to happen during this event.
I will take 30 requests of the categories down below, and the way you would request in the comments, is EX:

Random person example
+DJroxanne310 Gaming and More  (abbreviation & number) and my user is (AJ user here)
and I want you to draw (any or specific animal).

Your comment can be in any form of this example. Also, you will know that I have accepted the request once I have +1 your comment.

Now to the fun stuff!!
I have four styles that you may choose from.
Chibi (CH), Manga (MG), Anthro (AN), and regular (REG).
There are the choices and the costs for each choice. (NOTE: Speed drawing videos will cost an extra random item :P)

1. Head, color, no head piece, no shading= 1 random item

2. Head, color, with head piece= 1 okay item

3. Head, color, shading, head piece, neck piece= 1 good item

4. Whole body, color, no clothing, no shading= Same as .3

5. Whole body, color, clothing, no shading= 1 random and 1 good item

6. Whole body, color, clothing, shading= useless rare

7. Two or three other animals, clothing, no shading= a good rare

8. Two or three other animals, clothing, shading= a good rare & item

9. 4-6 animals, no shading, clothing= diamond item + rare

10. 4-6 animals, shading, clothing, amazing background= founder

11. With 1-5 youtubers, no shading= founder and rare

12. With 1-5 youtubers, shading= founder and studded collar/wrist

13. With 1-5 youtubers and me, no shading= rare spike something

14. With 1-5 youtubers and me, shading= rare short spike collar or headdress, rare or non rare.

If I don't have all 30 done by the end of the month, the next request fest will be held back for two days at least.
If the cost is too expensive, please notify me! Otherwise, stick to the prices ;)

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Alright, is this better +TheCupcakeCutie57?

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Best to draw this gets a spike collar ( rare ) Not saying color or long or short. i am hoping long and a better color then orange or green hopfully :)

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Creative Studios is about the things that you wish to be in animal jam. What items you want and what animals as well all put together in one painting, can be posted here, but can also be posted onto any other category as well.
-Please remember to attach a photo and a description of what you drew in your posts.
-If you made a video and you posted it to YouTube, add the link if you feel like it.  Now you know what Creative Studios is! Hope you like my picture below as well. :)
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