a tragedy is what the citizens believe. that all the scientists in the lab are gone.
two years ago, there was a chemical leakage, which wiped out the 15 scientists, and 10 interns.
this is all the public got from the story.
the government thought they were dead forever, but they were wrong. the scientists and interns became stronger. they seemed dead looking, but were alive. they were supernatural.
now, they are hidden away from the public, in a classified lab, being tested on. almost killing many people. they are fine, but are deadly and dangerous while hostile.
the chemicals never wiped out their memories, and all the tested creatures wish to return home. now they all must work together to choose to set themselves free by peaceful protest or by force.

Personality (at least two flaws):
Scientist or Intern?:
Supernatural Power:
ABOUT THE SUPERNATURAL POWER, here are your choices:
– telepathy 0/2
– hypnotism 0/2
– an element of your choice 0/2
– flight 0/2
– invisibility 0/2
– immortality 0/2
– telekinesis 0/2
– speed 0/2
– teleportation 0/2
– healing 0/2
– elasticity 0/2

–possesed by ghost
–astral projection
– force shield

ask questions here!

– no bullying ooc whatsoever
– please use real people as faceclaims please!! no anime kawaii desu crap around here.
– no Mary Sues, drama queens, or ultra edgy special snowflakes
– keep the ages from 17-22 also
– if you join as a female, at least join as male. i don't want this to be crowded with girls, please.
– you can curse, just don't over do it.
– please listen to people you rp with. if they want you to stop please do.
– drama only happens with my permission. don't want anyone doing wild stuff out there.
– once more than 5 spots are filled, the rp will start.
– be literate please. not so literate you have to send 5 messages to start an rp.
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