I founded this fellowship while in salt lake county jail working as the o.d.r cook in the kitchen it was me and 7 other men in our 8 man cell and believe me there was some farting going on in there since we all worked in the kitchen and got to eat all we wanted so one day I called a meeting the main cause was my bunky who slept below me he had the worst smelling farts ever and I was a victim just like everyone else in this world has been and it is a very serious matter that can be contained if a person chooses to be a curtious farter and that's what this is all about how to be a more curtious farter and also for all of us who fart cuz we get a kick out of it which is not ok but it is ok to talk about it and use the 12 steps to work our way into recovery...for instance I am a grocery line farter and I know others who are breadbag farters and cropdusters and I can go on and on with how many different smelly garters there is that we never knew about...I will talk more about it as the days go by ...SO ANYWAYS HI MY NAME IS MONTE AND IM A GROCERY LINE FARTER AND ILL PASS TONIGHT AND JUST LISTEN...HAVE A GOOD NIGHT
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