Mam when will you upload next video?

pls upload the chapter animal diversity

Mam where are you can you give your new number

how to distinguish between sex linked and autosomal disease in pedigree analysis as in case of sex linked male is affected and female is carier

mam genetics continue ni kiya ???

Hello mam can I get your whatsup no as possible please I am not getting it can you tell me now

I have lots of doubts please send your whatsup number now please you are excellent

Mam pls upload video on cockroach.....definitely with English subtitles...unless without subtitles i couldn't understand your video mam....pls mam🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Hi mam...i am devadharshan.....and i am new to ur grp....pls help me mam...i almost completed 25 lessons in bio and not yet touched chem and phy....can i score more than 450 mam ????

Hello maam...i am new to dis i hve seen ur videos on utube few days earlier..maam i actually study in bsc 2nd year bt dis year i m giving neet maam i have not started anything bt i reaaly want to crack it..maam plzz help me out to make it it possible?
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