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I'm back in mapping! I'm not 100% sure if i will reboot N.O. S.P.A.S.M., but i decided to make a discord group! Check it out!

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Sorry that this RP failed. But i'm finally back with a new RP with new rules!

N.O S.P.A.S.M. Roleplay: Season 3 is cancelled because the Google+ interface is broken.

Everything is cancelled. I won't moderate any groups. Enjoy anarchy.

The emperor of the Golden Empire himself has spoken in front of millions of people with news that shock everyone
People of the empire. The populace of our united utopia. Today is a day when we shall expand our borders into different territory. The United Arab Emirates have long been a nuisance and have continuously disrupted our trade with other nations. This ends today! For we, the great Golden Empire, are officially going to war with the Emirates in hopes of not only gaining territory for our glorious empire, but of also securing our trade. This is all I have to say. Glory to the Imperium!
The Golden Empire is at war with the United Arab Emirates

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Need your honest opinion on banning DerOrhanator forever.
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I'm *really* unsure.
What?! NO!

Bursa is finnaly Captured and i send my Men to free Istanbul

Slowly Pushing the Greeks back

Almost Capturing Bursa

We hold the attack from ze Greeks and Counter attack! Our Air Force destroyed the Artillery and i can remake my Attack on Bursa but first i gather my Troops at Bursa and at Izmir for a big attack my Navy will still protect the last part of Istanbul

Withdraw at Bursa and send men to hold Izmir
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