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here are a few things you need to know that I have compiled into a Q&A

(sorry for any mistakes, I wrote this whilst practically blacking out)

Q: What is Crystal Night?
A: Crystal Night is an MLP Smut series of short stories that Derpismaximus Hooves and I are writing together. It is a series of short stories written in google docs.

Q: Sometimes it is hard to tell what species they are in the pictures, what are they?
A: Night is a pegasus. Crystal would look to be a pegasus, but in some of the pictures their rumps or the way they are laying will block out the view of their wings

Q: How long will each story average at?
A: Well, honestly they are a collection of rather short stories, I plan on writing down some that are more character development, them doing things like doing activities and such, but the main focus is their sex life, so focusing mainly on that each chapter will be really short but we hope to push them out really quick and please take note: I will try to satisfy you by adding some real sustenance like short stories where they spend time hanging out and stuff to make it feel like they really do things other than fuck, but Crystal is supposed to have a semi-depressing/depressed attitude, which I try to capture in the writing which is why she doesn't smile much and she doesn't spend all her time going out and hanging out but mainly just going out and maybe hanging out with a select few.

Q: I didn't like the first short story because you tried to cram too many facts about them into it, is the rest even worth reading?!
A: The first chapter is supposed to be a little boring, introducing characters Crystal Rain and Night Shadow and giving them a basic background, and then present them trying to converse on their first date the way a couple might. The others will definitely pick up faster, with less bullshit information and hopefully more of what you look for in an MLP smut short story... hot pony sex. Other than that though ,each one is likely to have some amount of just filler in it because let's be honest you can only drag pony sex on for so long, and without something other than just saying they went places ate this or did that then went to their place and banged these will be too short to be enjoyable, so each chapter will have some amount of filler and I sincerely apologize that I can;t stretch a single scene of pony sex across 5 pages in google docs

Q: how long does it take to make a single story?
A: It varies, and here is why: Derpis will likely have to make at least one picture for the cover of each short story which can vary in amount of time taken, and meanwhile I can whip a short story like this out in a day because I have nothing better to do whilst she juggles actual responsibility as well as making the pictures. and a picture can take a while to make anyways, it can vary from 1-2 days to over a week depending on how elaborate it is.

Q: I make suggestions but they never get used, what gives?!
A: there are multiple possible answers for this. One being that we have more than one request to do, and we may have that queued for a later chapter. But if it's an Idea we don't want to use then we will try to tell you that we won't use it, instead of leaving it sit

Q: How crazy can we get with suggestions for things?
A: Well, I (personally) would like you to stay within certain bounds. I'll take most things up to a certain point. a few options I am not opposed to are public sex (in a bathroom, or a secluded spot in a park kind of things) but nothing super weird, like weird fetishes unless Derpis approves.

Q: who contributes most to the story?
A: Well, honestly Derpis does. she creates drawings for the short stories, and she throws Ideas my way when I get stuck whilst I mainly just write the things down in an order with some filler in between and then edit it down to something that's readable, and note: her job of drawing pictures is much harder than writing, and pair that with her even coming up with ideas for the short stories and she does way more than me.

Q: Who came up with the idea?
A: well, I like to believe it was a group effort, she created the original image of Night and Crystal kissing, then the smut picture of Night eating Crystal out, and I wanted to write a fanfiction about it, we then thought and decided we would create a community to post a bunch of short stories like this one, then decided upon focusing on one series; Crystal Night

Q: where did the name come from?
A: Well, the name was also a bit of a group effort as it was based upon the two main characters (Crystal and Night), the fact that most of them are going to take place near the night time during dates and visits to their apartments, and the fact that it would take place in the Crystal Empire.

so uhh... I realize the story hasn't exactly been active lately guys, I'm only now officially announcing a little bit of a hiatus state, I think this just happened because there was a little bit of a drama thing going on between me derpis and another friend, and the story was kind of forgotten but I'm hoping we can get back to it kinda quickly.

Okay, as of my last post I have a better reason for the hiatus, the reason being that Derpis' tablet is currently "dead" that's all the info I have, and the tablet is how she drew the art for Crystal Night, so until her tablet is chill we're in hiatus, but don't worry friends, all will be well in the end, and we'll use this time to strategize our writing and drawings

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