I wonder if there is a way to get a list of all the Connection Types (including their IDs) currently in the database from the API?

I've been looking through the docs on the website and trying various things but nothing so far gives me the result I'm looking for.

Is the service down? getting 500 from the api and sorry not available from the website

Is there any API functionality to validate a user's credentials to ensure JSON posted comments via the API are recorded against a username that's been confirmed as belonging to the commenter?

Is data from NOBIL being pulled regularly? I see that the data OCM provides for Norway is significantly inferior to what the NOBIL api provides and I've noticed references to NOBIL in the OCM API data so Im wondering wether that was a one-off pull or a regular job?

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Hello again. Are you having issues with the API server? Requests to http://api.openchargemap.io/ either times out or takes incredibly long time to return data. What gives?

Relicensing OCM Data

Currently data contributed by Open Charge Map users is licensed to the world under CC BY SA 4.0. This license basically allows anyone to use the data if they give attribution to the source (OCM) and promise to share changes they make back to us.

A (very) large map provider has recently asked to use OCM data in it's maps. Their legal dept has indicated that the Share-Alike portion of the license creates a 'viral' liability that they cannot accept. Given that we are very unlikely to actually enforce the 'share-alike' part of the license (we mainly care that people know where the data came from) I wondered how the community felt abut re-licensing to a more permission Open Data license.

At the extremely permissive side of the argument there is the CC0 license, which is a do-whatever-you-want license. Closer to our current license is CC BY 4.0 which mainly requires attribution to the source (OCM etc).

Personally I'm basically fine with (https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/) but I don't do much of the data entry, the community does, so it's not just my decision.

You could argue that evil companies will 'steal' our data but by necessity they will need to link back to OCM in order for people to make edits. Any 'forks' which attempt to go off in their own direction will eventually have to rebase their data from OCM or become obsolete.

Any thoughts?

Is there any further guidance on the equipment 'Usage' choices? To pick a few POIs added today, a gym, a cafe, and a hotel, all available to customers only.
I suppose the cafe could be considered 'Public', or 'Public - Pay At Location', while the gym may not offer casual workouts, yet 'Public - Membership Required' implies membership of a charging network. For the hotel, a closer match may be 'Private - For Staff and Visitors' or 'Private - Restricted Access'.
In addition, there's a load of outlets on PlugShare for caravan parks which are free for overnight customers but chargeable otherwise.

Any consistent standard to follow here?

On a related note, having 'Public - Pay At Location' seems a little redundant when there's a field for Usage Cost. Is this just to make it easier to filter?

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Is there any linkage to the OpenStreetMap's database of charging stations? Either something automagic, or a manual import/export script? Just wondering if it's worth the effort of contributing to both, and which has more stations (and usage).

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New charging network in New Zealand:

They're a local utility company.

A lot of new submissions awaiting review.
.. with dubious quality.
some of which seem to have been added without AddressLine1, which I think is mandatory on all submission interfaces I've seen.
Most of which have no equipment details.
Quite a lot of duplicates, and home addresses.

or is this just an influx of eager new users in Sri Lanka, New Zealand and the UK?

Are these some import that didn't get flagged as an import?
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