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+Christopher Cook I am trying to access the OCM API to list down all the charging points in Ireland. While doing so I am getting some charging points with address in Italy.

Below is the link I am using.

It would be great if you could help me out with this.

Hi - any pointers on how to query the API for the nearest charge points to specified lat and long co-ordinates? I basically just need to pull back chargepoints within a 5 mile radius of co-ordinates and im not too sure how to set the query in python.

i realise this isnt an API issue so any help at all appreciated

+Christopher Cook Christopher hello. It appears that the API is not responding, is this a known issue? Thanks.

Just a quick note of thanks to our community Editors, without whom we wouldn't have such great data! They check submissions to ensure they are a high enough quality and they improve the existing data we have.

Every little edit helps and everyone can contribute, so please keep adding and editing :)

How can I download the data as excel format?

On the main website, it seems that the ability to search by location name, or geolocate by browser, isn't working.

Whatever you key into the Location field on Browse / All Locations, the results are not in any way sorted or ordered by distance from what would be a geolocated location. The results on the right hand side of the screen are merely from all locations, in recently added order. The 'Country' filter works though.

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Seems like the API is down again since Wednesday afternoon (Sept. 26th 2018).

+Christopher Cook If this is a constantly returning problem and the cause is to be found in some systems getting to much data and/or connecting too may times at once, maybe 'maxresult' can be set to a maximum on the server side?

Maybe also the number of connections can be restricted on the API?
Search Google for: restrict number of connections to an api
and/or look at:

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Hi +Christopher Cook. It looks as though ESB have installed a number of rapid chargers in the UK (most recently in the Coventry area). 'ESB ecars' is listed as an operator in OCM but these are Irish chargers only. Do you think it would be reasonable to add 'ESB' as a separate operator? Here is the UK website:
Thanks, Mike.

Hello +Christopher Cook, seems that the API isn't responding.. Do you know when the problem will be resolved?
Four weeks ago, you mentioned that you would like to have an identifier string in the API call (client=<id>). Can I just choose one randomly?
Also this isn't mentioned anywhere in the docs (

Best regards!

Hello +Christopher Cook,
Hope you are doing well!
It seems that the OCM API isn't responding and giving 500 - Internal server error. Do you know when the problem will be resolved?
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