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Google really needs to listen to this guy. Other than my opinion on how Google should discontinue Android and create the first chrome phone. I feel at least Google is sorta trying I think.

The incompatibility between Android and chrome OS would pull a lot of people away from today's modern Chromebook

Hey there, I've got a new Chromebook R13 and love it except for one thing. Whenever I'm on sites like Pinterest, the machine runs at a crawl if not unresponsive whatsoever. I takes forever even to close a page. No other site or app has this issue, only Pinterest.

I'm running Version 58.0.3029.68 beta, any suggestions?

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anyone know when a touchscreen cb with 8gb (or 16?) will be on sale??

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Seems a lot snappier, KODI does not crash now on stable 57. it did crash under beta 57. I guess they worked out the kinks before releasing it to Play store capable Chromebooks. Clash of Clans runs well..
UPDATE: Looks like Bluetooth has been tweaked, still getting minimal crackle here and there, but 100% usable. On 56. Bluetooth would conflict with 2.4ghz wifi, had to switch to 5ghz or connect to ethernet (making being wireless kinda moot)
Anyone else update their Samsung Chromebook Plus?

Samsung Plus updated to 57.0.2987.146.

The chromebook I use in school is complete crap not saying that any other chromebooks are crap just my school's takes a while to load and I have to renew my password every day 

Chromebook in Italia

Buongiorno ragazzi, c'è qualcuno nella comunità Italiano?
So che il mercato dei chromebook in Italia è molto limitato, ma abbiamo utenza?
Che Chromebook avete?

Hi guys, is there anyone in the community who is Italian?
I know that the market for chromebook in Italy is very limited, but we use?
Which you have Chromebook?
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