Ok, well my Lenovo N23 Chromebook just got OS 69 this morning but no Linux support. Does anyone know if there is still a possibility it might appear sometime in the future or am I doomed to post apocalyptic Linuxless future (or buy a different Chromebook).

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Google chromecast after 5 years - How Good is it

does anyone know if its possible to hide / ignore or Set a prefered a Specific SSID ?

Our dear students keep somehow getting off our user Wireless and jumping onto our Guest Portal , and then it obviously doesn't work

I have the Toshiba Chromebook 2 ( latest version). Does anyone know when I will be able to get the Google play apps on this? , it was promised a long time ago.

Does anyone have a type/model of keyboard covers for typing classes they would share?

HELP!!!! I have an Acer 11 Spin Chromebook, and ever since upgrading to Version 68.0.3440.118 (Official Build) (64-bit) my screen doesn't automatically rotate, and I get no on screen keyboard in tent or tablet mode... is there a bug in this version? Seemed to work fine in the previous version of Chrome OS.

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How to change back to the old Google Chrome look

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New Google Chrome Features That You Should Know

I have a hp 7110 wide format printer. In UK I use A3 size paper to print but when printing via cloudprint to this printer it defaults to letter size with no option to change to A3 or any other size for that matter. Anyone know if in cloudprint the paper size can be changed?

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Linux apps working again
The Chromebook
The Chromebook
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