Joan Tous

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Fart Storm is the ultimate fart app for Android!. Discover endless variety ...
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Good design isn't complete without that special something. Spice it up, add a little flavor, and prepare a memorable experience. Serves all. 

More on this at Android Motif

#androidmotif   #androiddesign  
The focus on design is growing at a fast rate, almost unbelievably so. Developers are beginning to realize its importance and more importantly, its harmony and synchronization with functionality. A...
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My entry for +Taylor Ling's  (Re)Design Challenge: Titanium Backup.

Titanium Backup, the unquestionable frontrunner in the Backup/Restore category has accumulated a large and loyal following, despite its unorthodox layouts and confusing design. I mocked up what the high priority parts of the app would look like if I were to redesign it.

Few things to note:
- Text in an icon is usually frowned upon, but in this render, it is the atomic symbol of Titanium that is used, not the app name itself.
- The color code for the branding is #ffbb33
- Titanium Backup is a technical app focused on getting things done, not on pleasing the user with unnecessary extravagance. So instead of redoing the whole UI, I just reorganized the existing layouts, on focused on providing a seamless and intuitive UX, such as the split ActionBar and the use of yellow branding, which is a high priority in this case.

Shoutout to +Chris Basha for convincing me to post this, I wasn't going to for a long time

#androiduiux   #androiddesign   #ADiA  
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Yan Cheng Cheok

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Hi, I just released a holo dark & holo light stock market widget. Feel free to try it out :
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Rishi Arora

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Hello everyone, 
thank you for the feedback on previous post.. I have released an update with quite a lot of improvements.
Now you can draw on images and pressure sensitive brush size(more like touch area sensitive :P ) 

as always.. feedback appreciated :)
TL;DR: Send scribbles and doodles to your friends on any app.Ever wanted to...
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Akshay Chordiya

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Hey guys,

I've made a community for my Music Player. It's currently in beta.
I hope you guys like it. Check out the community for download link.
Help me in the process of making it more better & more user-friendly.

Waiting for your views.
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Very beautiful app that lets you shorten URLs on the go and view the click analytics of already shortened links.

Uses the Google's URL shortening service.
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Another Android Explorer (AnExplorer) is simple, fast, lightweight. It has all the basic features of a File browser and the best thing is its small and tablet optimized.
Features present : 
* New File / Folder
* List / Grid View
* Cut / Copy / Paste
* Rename / Delete
* Multiselect / Sorting / Sharing
* Standalone File Picker
* Folder / File sizes
* Preview for Images / Videos / MP3 / APK option
* App Manager
* Process Manager
* All types of storage like emmc, internal SD card
* Tablet optimized
* root support
* Login for security
* Two-pane navigation for both phones and tablets
* Android 4.0+ fully ready
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Does anyone know of a beautiful widget that is able to control Google Play Music? The widget that comes with Play Music is quite ugly.
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You can also try using Media Utilities combined with Zooper to make one for yourself :) easy to do too!
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Ezcats A

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Holo Reboot is a holo designed app that lets you reboot into recovery, bootloader, hot reboot, or just plain reboot. 
Don't like custom ROMs but want to be able to reboot into recovery and boot...
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Rishi Arora

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Hello, I made a very simple and beautiful(I hope) scribble/doodle app.. please check it out :)
TL;DR: Send scribbles and doodles to your friends on any app.Ever wanted to...
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About this community

Please English only, thanks! You can promote your app here, if it's based on Holo theme or follows the Android Design Guidelines! It has been decided that icon packs and live wallpapers are not allowed. Please link directly to the Google Play store!
The first app that's really made me want to post it to this community, it's a really good text editor/word processor.

I went looking for a text editor in this section of the community that just did simple text writing. I couldn't find anything, except for note taking and tasks etc., but then I came across this after a long time searching.

It seems to be only new so not really showing in any searches in the Play Store. I think I found it as a similar app or recommended app.

Here it is:
Writeily is a beautifully simple, Holo-inspired, text editor for Android de...
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Zsolt Zakál

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I'm proud to introduce the Pro version of my NotiSysinfo app. It's available on google play:

What's new (compared to the free version):
• CPU usage panel
• CPU frequency /cores
• Configurable notification icon (cpu, ram free/used, storage free/used, an battery level in percentage)
• Configurable collapsed view
• More color options
• Background colors & styles (for the notification)
• A new compact layout for the expanded view (without labels)

Check the screenshots! :)
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Awesome man! Going to buy now :)
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Jeff Martin

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Hey everyone, I just released a brand new "Project Hera"-inspired Markdown editor app on Google Play.

I built this in one weekend, so be assured that this is JUST v1.0, and there's more coming. I'm currently thinking of how to implement sync (but no guarantees yet)!

Download it, and tell all your friends to download it. I'd love to know what you think!
Writeily is a beautifully simple, Holo-inspired, text editor for Android de...
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The soon was added for, well, no apparent reason. But, still remains one of my most wanted features :P
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Stay Alive! Keep Screen Awake - New version
Check out the new Holo themes!
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Martin van Z

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Hi everyone!

I Just released a new update for Note l!st. You can now add a reminder to a note.

Download at Google Play:

Change log v3.4:
- Fixed: Stability improvements.
- Added: Option to add a reminder to a notes.
- Added: Option to set a date for a note.
- Changed: Performance improvements for the synchronization function.
- Changed: Better auto save function.
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+Yi Ding Thank you for your feedback. I Currently use the default preference look, I'll take a look at it if I can alter the appearance in the future. The app currently does not have a synchronization option with Google Now. But my short term planning is already full, I will write it down to look into when I have a bit more room in my planning.

+Nurlan Chaika I'm sorry but due to the fact that the app has in app purchases for pro features I can not enable distribution to your country. I Do upload updates to AndroidPit, you might be able to download the app from there.

I Do not have information on how to change your Google Play region, I'm not sure if that would be against Google Play policy, you might be able to contact Google for more information on that question.
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Is there any app like CliffHanger ,(
but for movies? I want something to keep track of the movies I own (either downloaded or bought), the ones I have watched, the ones yet to watch and the ones to buy/download. Having all that info offline would be a big plus. 
TV Tracking made simpleTrakt.TV Watchlist Sync is available with the Premiu...
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+Felipe Pimenta yeah and getting better with every update
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Liliya Fedotova

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My new app))
It's time to tell the last word in eternal war between cats and dogs! Pick ...
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Can anybody suggest a holo Chelsea FC app?? With news from multiple sources, along with match notifications and fixtures??
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But anyway, thanks for ur opinion.. 👍👍☺☺
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Ezcats A

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This is the new version of my old app. Still no ads, and a really simple UI. Any suggestions/requests are welcome. 
This app is a flashlight that works on almost every phone. It uses a clean ...
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