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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is our honor to announce the launching of the 15th Annual Meeting of the Taiwan Society for Surgery of the Hand (TSSH) on May 5 - 6, 2018 at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou, Taiwan. We warmly welcome our Guest Society, the Korean Society for Surgery of the Hand (KSSH), and the worldwide enthusiasts to join this great event, and to share and learn the latest advance in the Hand Surgeries.

We are proud to present several fascinating programs including a variety of topics in this meeting:
1. The KSSH & TSSH combined symposium: Twelve experienced surgeons from Korea and Taiwan will be paired and discuss on 6 topics in the Plastic and the Orthopedic Hands during the panels.
2. Keynote speech on Day 1: Francisco del Piñal will share knowledge of Trauma Hand Series from the Classic, the Microsurgery, to the Arthroscopy.
3. Keynote Speech on Day 2: In-Ho Jeon will present Biomechanical Perspective of Elbow Joint and Recent Update in Elbow Arthroplasty.
4. Burn Hand Reconstruction: Rei Ogawa and Shiu-Shu Chuang will demonstrate their experience in contracture release and resurfacing.
5. Management of Lymphedema in the Upper Extremity: Shan Shan Qiu and Rei Ogawa present the viewpoints from Europe and Japan; Jung-Ju Huang presents lymph node transfer; Johnson Yang presents lymphovenous anastomosis.
6. Venous Flap Symposium: Sang-Hyun Woo, Hung-Chi Chen, and Yu-Te Lin
7. The Asian-Pacific Session: Outstanding papers presented by the traveling fellows from Japan, Korea, and Singapore and the members from TSSH.
8. Several other panel discussions about the distal radius fracture and distal radioulnar joint disorders.

Join us for the fabulous meeting
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這次將打破以往國內醫學會只有邀請幾位國外知名講者來做特別演講。我們先邀請了新加坡手外學會來做combined symposium。Keynote將邀請Prof Teoh Lam Chuang,他是早期創立新加坡外的元老,這幾年來已鮮少答應出國受邀演講,他聽到是台灣手外醫學會,非常爽快就直接答應了。此外,現任理事長Sandeep也請新一任理事長Andrew Chin率Panelists來參加我們的年會。

在第一天的早上及下午各有一場雙方的combined symposium,分別新加坡跟台灣各六位專家,共同討論整外及骨科各三個topics作交流。這兩個節目的Panelists,在新加坡有Lim Beng Hai, Andrew Chin, David Tan, Yeo Chong Jin, Jacqueline Tan, Anthony Foo,台灣有林燦勳、吳金獻、張志豪、我、謝榮賢、邱詠証。

第一天下午的最後一個session,將是Asia Pacific Session。這是仿效顯微重建外科,台日韓三國目前有一個合作關係:在自己的年會時,邀請其他兩國各2位年輕醫師參加。由於目前在手外仍無此制度,這次目前已邀請新加坡與韓國的醫師參與活動。韓國新一任理事長Prof Sang-Hyun Woo已答應在第二天作special lecture,日本手外科理事長Prof Yajima將在3月外科年會時受邀來台演講,將會和這些國家的理事長談談類似的合作事宜。希望藉由這些交流,讓台灣的手外科與國際接軌。


TSSH Annual Meeting will be held on April 29-30, 2017
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